Stryker Rotary Learns About New Working Village Administrator


The Stryker Rotary Club heard from the new “Working Administrator” from the village. Al Riegsecker may be new to this position but he has been working for Stryker Village for fourteen years. He holds an EPA license for both water and waste water. He works with his crew to provide and maintain roads as well as water and sewer lines within the village. The position is a good fit for AL because when he is out working on projects he is provided opportunities to talk and work with village residents as well as business owners. The village has begun to use some alternate methods of maintenance in an attempt to save money. They have begun to use a method of pavement called chip and seal for some road surfaces with good results. A leak detection survey found three major leaks that were repaired. The village hires CCNO workers, along with supervision from CCNO, for some jobs. Al also noted the village was very happy to be able to keep the EMS running in Stryker. He told the club that sometime next year Route 2 will be repaved by the state. The project will begin at the county line, go through Stryker and out to Route 34. During this project they are looking repositioning the stop signs so they are more visible. The village has received many reports that the signs need to be more visible, and very often drivers fail to stop. The village sold some land south of town to Dollar General with plans to build a store and have it in operation in summer 2017. Al also said the village and WEDCO have begun work to bring a new business in the Schulman factory. One of the Rotarians commented that the cemetery has been very well maintained the last few years. All Riegsecker, pictured on the right, spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary Member Ron Short.

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