Stryker Rotary Learns Of Activities Planned For Heritage Event

Fred Grisier, Stryker Rotary Member and Stryker Heritage Council Member, provided a preview of a program scheduled for Saturday, September 24th. The program will focus on historical accounts of the actions of William J. Knight and other Union soldiers when they volunteered to take place in a successful plot to steal a Confederate train locomotive named “The General”. Many claim these actions were part of the turning point in the “Civil War”. Knight was a resident of Stryker and is laid to rest in the Oakwood Cemetery. This brave and daring action was the subject of both books and movies entitled “The Great Locomotive Chase”.

A full day of events is scheduled for Saturday and will include presentations by Jonathon Scott who is affiliated with the museum in Georgia where “The General” is restored and housed. There will also be a dedication ceremony at the grave site of William J. Knight. Fred invited all to come and enjoy the programs and the civil war memorabilia that will be on display.


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