Stryker Rotary Learns Of World Community Workshop From Students

dscf4466Allie Frisbee and Israel Aguilar spoke to the Stryker Rotary about their experience at the “World Community Workshop” held at Defiance College. The featured country at this year’s workshop was Turkey. Each year the attending students are split into four groups to study history, customs, economic and political issues. Allie and Israel both enjoyed the experience and found that Turkey was much different than the United States. Another experience they shared was the Turkish food, and both agreed that they did not care for the food. They each shared a dorm room for the three day period with a person they did not know before, so they were able to make new friends. They also commented on what they learned about a marriage divorce in Turkey. The judge in the case rules no all things including the custody of the children. He will also order a reconciliation period for the couple that may be from one to three years before granting the divorce. Following the divorce the woman must marry again in 300 days or less or she will not be able to marry again. The highlight of the experience for both was the dance. Allie and Israel thanked the Rotary for sponsoring their trip to the workshop and said given the opportunity they would attend again. Pictured are Israel Aguilar, on the left, Rotarian Ken Culler, middle, and Allie Frisbee on the right.

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