Stryker Rotary Welcomes Randy & Marsha Buehrer As Guests At January Meeting


DSCF4415 WEBRandy Buehrer and his wife Marsha were guests of the Stryker Rotary Club on Tuesday January 19. Randy serves two local communities as a police officer. He started his career in law enforcement with the Stryker Police Department in 2008 right out of the academy. Today he serves as an officer in Both Stryker and Montpelier. Randy also has a full time job at Buehrer Power Equipment. Randy graduated top of his class in 2008 and his scores were third highest in the state. This was especially outstanding because Randy was 53 years old at the time. Randy said his decision to serve stems back to a time just after high school when he enlisted in the Army Rangers but was unable to serve because the need for Rangers had diminished following the pull out of Viet Nam. Randy gave credit to God for helping him through the training and in carrying out his service today. He believes God has been with him at times where he has been able to calm and de-escalate some very tense situations. He said he also feels he is blessed that he has not been in a position that he has be required to pull a weapon, but went on to say that he will follow his training and use a weapon if the situation warrants its use. He said he has taken an oath to protect others as well as himself. Randy also encouraged the club member to consider supporting an effort by a fellow officer Steve Mendez, in raising money for a new canine officer. Pictured on the left, Randy spoke as a guest of his father and Stryker Rotarian Eldred Buehrer.

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