Stryker Rotary Welcomes Special Feline Guests To Meeting


DSCF4419 WEBSabrina Grisier spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club on Tuesday February 9 about her experiences showing and breeding Persian cats. Two of her male Persians; Gadsby and Brimley, assisted her with the presentation. Sabrina has seven female Persians in addition to the two males she brought to the club. All of her cats have earned the rank of champion and some have additional honors. She travels with the cats to shows in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, and may decide to travel even further in coming years. Preparing for a show requires many hours of cleaning and grooming, but Sabrina said she bathes her cats regularly so they have become accustomed to the process. Persian kittens from her cats have found homes all around the country and she currently has several inquires for kittens when they are available. Sabrina spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotarian and father-in-law Fred Grisier. Pictured on the left is Fred holding Brimley, and on the right Sabrina holding Gadsby.

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