Stryker Rotary Welcomes Special Guest Jim Head, Local Treasure Hunter

DSCF4320 (WEB)Jim Head, a local treasure hunter, discussed his hobby with the Stryker Rotary Club at their regular meeting on Tuesday evening. Jim started his hobby with a used metal detector purchased for $75. He found that he lacked knowledge about treasure hunting and looked for material on the subject. Jim was unable to find what he wanted so he wrote a book on the topic so that others could gain from his experiences.

The book, titled “Hidden Treasures in Secret Places” is available for sale for those who are interested. Jim said he searches both public and private property, but always secures permission to hunt on any property. He even suggested that written permission be secured when hunting for treasure on private land.

The club was shown examples of what Jim has found over the years and he admitted that it takes a keen eye to find some of the treasures. Public locations often yield jewelry items, some of which are very valuable, and parks often have a list of reported lost items. If a reported lost item is recovered you must abide by the policy of that particular park. He has also found many civil war items from uniform buttons to miniballs and cannon shot in our local area. Treasure hunters have also been known to uncover buried coins. Items recovered by treasure hunters vary in value, but Jim assured the club that the interest in this hobby has proven to be financially beneficial to many.

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