Stryker Rotary Welcomes Youth Pastor Matt Dodd To February Meeting

DSCF4358 WEBPastor Matt Dodd spoke to the Stryker Rotary about his work as Youth Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Stryker. He also added his introduction to include that he was a follower of Jesus as well as a husband to his wonderful wife Evangeline since November of 2014. He has been in Stryker for about six years and has learned to truly love the community and the people who live here. He finds his work both challenging and rewarding in his efforts to assist in the molding the values of the community youth.

Young people today are faced with many challenges and look to others for leadership when making decisions in their lives. The purpose of his work is to have the teens know God, own their faith, and make their faith known to others.

Pastor Dodd also shared the mission of the youth ministry is to lift up one another and equip God’s children to grow spiritually. They are also encouraged to share the Gospel of Christ with the community and the world. The opportunity to assist with the growth of our youth belongs to everyone, parents, family members, as well as community members. Taking this responsibility seriously is not an easy task, but it can be very rewarding.


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