Stryker Scout Needs More Work; Police Chief Wants Body Cams

By: James Pruitt

Kimberly Stuckey’s efforts to secure a gold medal for Girl Scouts are far from over. Her mother, Virginia Stuckey, appeared before the council to offer an update on Kimberly’s efforts.

Kimberly has completed her landscaping project around the Village Office, but now has to organize a community-wide cleanup or have banners placed around town. She has two years to get it all done, Virginia Stuckey said.

Mayor Joey Beck asked Virginia Stuckey if Kimberly could bring in costs for some of the items needed. Kimberly is out of town on a church mission trip.

In other news:
The owners of several properties in the community that are in violation of one or more ordinances. The mayor will sign some letters and send them off to the affected landlords.

Council looked at photos of the condition of an old building which has straw clogging up drains.

The property has no water or fire suppression and is infested with rodents.

Administrator Gary St. John gave his final report to council. He will leave at the end of the month.

-The well testing is complete. There were no problems.
-The new administrator was granted purchasing power effective Sept.1.

Police Chief Steve Schlosser requested body cams for his officers.

Schlosser said he didn’t feel the department needed them, but they are a safety precaution since the public doesn’t hold themselves to the same high standards as the officers.

An improperly installed camera has one of the village squad cars off the road, the chief said.

As for the body cams, they will serve as an additional form of documentation on traffic stops.

Schlosser said he will be selective on cameras. They will be infrared, which will enhance video in dark areas, but it is not night vision.

“It’s something we really need to look at implementing,” Schlosser said. The cameras are the same ones used in Montpelier.

The chief will use money in the police lines of the budget and then ask later for other needs.

Schlosser and the council also talked about purchasing a new police car next year.
-The railroad tracks will be closed through the 19th.
-Trashcans need to be taken back to the house.

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