Stryker Seventh Grade Loses, Eighth Grade Wins Against North Central

(September 11th, 2014)-PIONEER: The Panthers and Eagles met in junior high action on Thursday, and with mixed results.

The Seventh Grade match was hotly contested. The North Central girls won a close game 1, 25-23. Stryker hung around in the second game, but still dropped the set 20-25, giving the Lady Eagles the match in straight sets.

For the Eighth Grad match, the Lady Panthers were able to win the match, but it took all three sets to do so. The girls of Stryker took game 1 25-16. North Central battled back, and was narrowly able to force a game 3 by winning the second set 25-23. The Panthers were able to close out the match in the third set 25-18.

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