Stryker To Tap Williams County Land Bank To Save Properties


By: James Pruitt

Several properties in need of repair in the village of Stryker could be upgraded through the Williams County Land Bank.

Mayor Joey Beck said he received a letter from the Williams County Treasurer Vicki Grimm regarding a County Land Bank and that money is available through the Neighborhood Initiative Program).

Beck said he gave the information to Rick Wityk so he could review the properties in question. Deadline to enter the program is Feb. 2, 2017.

Village Solicitor Katie Lloyd is writing a letter to the property owners in question to make sure the properties are safe and not in violation of village ordinances.

The council declared an emergency and passed an ordinance authorizing the village to advertoise for bids for the sale of real estate.

Wityk questioned if the residents next to the property had been contacted or had any concerns. Beck said they have been notified and the land will be advertised for five consecutive weeks in the local newspaper.

In other news:
Alan Riegsecker noted all the depot repairs have been completed.

Council member Robert Sperling said Jaws Jams is planned for Aug. 20 and there is a good selection of vendors signed up. Also the Fire Department is asking for items to be donated for a silent auction.

Village Administrator Gary St. John reported:
1) The village needs a Board of Zoning Appeals, which is made up of five members: The mayor, three citizens, and a council member. St. John said he will get tjhje footwork started on zoning for the property purchase.

2) He had an email that the state will be resurfacing Defiance Street in 2017 and will redo the parking spots at that time or the village can hire (Zimmerman) to paint the parking spots if it wants more spots or something different than what is there now.

St. John said the quote from Zimmerman is for a $1,000 drop in fee, then $25 per stall. Council’s consensus is to have the state do the main highway parking spots, then contract Zimmerman to complete the spots on Lynn Street and the Post Office lot.
St. John will sign the plan, as it needs to be finished and submitted by July 18.

3) Maintenance workers replaced curb stop at Joe’s Bar and filled in a sink hole on Mulberry Street.

4) Crews installed a new meter pit at 504 W Curtis St.

5) St. John showed council pictures of sidewalks needing repaired or replaced. Council decided to do four sidewalks at the cost of $6,009.

6) St. John informed council the village will not be using the county bid for chip and seal. Instead, the administrator has contracted with Bruce Ernst Asphalt for chip and seal and fog coat at a much lower amount. The work is scheduled for July 26 and Emily Clemens will complete door hangers to inform the citizens on those streets that are being chip and sealed.

Beck asked St. John about water testing; he said he wants a baseline on testing before he leaves. St. John said people would get paranoid that something is wrong if he shows up to do testing. Mayor Beck said to tell them it is because there is going to be a turnover in the administrator position.

Police Chief Schlosser went over the monthly police report. He gave an update on K9 Rocco; he said he is ready for OPOTA certification and then he will be good to go. Part-time Officer Zac Erb has completed his training and will be working several hours. The 2006 police Charger needs repairs to the ventilation  system before it can be used with the K9, he will bring several different quotes or options for the repairs back to Council.

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