Stryker Village Council Accepts The Resignation Of Administrator St. John


“It’s been an honor and a privilege,” said Stryker Chief of Police Steve Schlosser. “I’ve learned a lot from you, and you have served this community well. I am proud to have served with you.” Chief Schlosser’s words were directed to Stryker Village Administrator, Gary St. John, who just moments prior at the February 8 meeting of the Stryker Village Council, had tendered his resignation from his post, effective August 31, 2016.

Mr. St. John informed Council that Alan Riegsecker will continue employment as a working administrator as prescribed under Ohio Revised Code. Earlier in the meeting, Council approved Resolution 02-2016-2, authorizing the hiring of Patsy Mealer as an independent contractor.

According to the wording of the Resolution, Ms. Mealer will be taking on several of the village representative positions that, over the years, were added to the responsibilities of Mr. St. John. Amongst the many hats she will be wearing will be the representation of Stryker on the boards of WEDCO, RLF, EMS and the Department of Aging. She will be charged with fronting the Economic Development Group, as well as the Business, Retentions, and Expansion Task Force, and will act as the spokesperson for the Village in areas of business development, retentions and expansion. She will also be a part of the Handbook Team.

In other items from the meeting, Council approved the selection of Katie Lloyd as Village Solicitor. Ms. Lloyd comes to the Village from the firm of Newcomer, Shaffer, Spangler and Breininger.

Council also approved Ordinance 2016-01, allowing for an adjustment of appropriations in the amount of $700. The adjustment was made necessary by donations to the Stryker Police Department K-9 program totaling $700 .


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