Stryker Village Council: Fall Fest & Leaf Pick-Up Scheduled, Display On Sidewalks Still Prohibited

As Stryker Village Council met in regular session on Monday October 8th, 6 high school students were present to witness how local government can function. Not only did they learn how council can agree or disagree with each other, they seemed to learn about how the residents of their small community have impact on decisions made, or not made.

For example, Mayor Dan Hughes has dismissed an ongoing neighborhood complaint made by one resident about the housekeeping skills of another neighbor’s yard due to the compliance in which neighbor #2 has complied with. Chief Steve Schlosser stated the debris of remodeling projects have been cleaned up and is “sufficient” and “does not feel necessary to address further”.

Mayor Hughes advised neighbor #1 that the matter is a civil one and should seek legal counsel should he feel council’s decision does not take enough action.

Chief Schlosser has been seeking crossing guards for the past few months. Due to the lack of interest, the Chief and Superintendant Nate Johnson have come up with a solution that may spark the interest of a few students. Schlosser and Johnson have met with the Chamber of Commerce to offer a few selected students their choice of an electronic device such as an Apple iPod, iPad or Kindle Fire. The price range would be up to $1,000, but not exceed $250 per student.

All 6 students in attendance seemed to raise an eyebrow to the Chief’s offer.

Students may have a few eligibility requirements to meet to be considered. The Chief also stated the crossing guard duties will include some inclement weather, but those chosen will don a police vest and will be sworn in by Mayor Hughes.

Councilmen Boetz and Horton have made a motion to match the funds for the program.

The Stryker Fall Fest, sponsored by the Stryker Police Department, American Legion and Stryker Chamber of Commerce, will once again be held on October 27th from 5:30-7:30 pm at the American Legion. A free meal of hot dogs, soup, chili and drinks will be made available to the public. The police department will assist with Child Identification packets to include fingerprinting and photographs for the parent’s records. All children must be accompanied by adults if they wish to attend Fall Fest.

• Due to the absence of Council president Carol Feehan, there was only a first reading of Resolution 2012-7: To make appropriation modification; Ordinance 2012-4: Ordinance to approve the edition and inclusion of certain ordinances as parts of  the codified ordinances of the village; Ordinance 2012-5: Supplemental appropriation ordinance

• Administrator St. John will address a root problem at the residence of Jack Riley. Mr. Riley spoke to council last month regarding the issue

• Zoning ordinances prohibit the display of motorized vehicles on the sidewalks within the Village

• Leaf pick-up will begin October 15 thru December 3rd. No leaves will be picked up after this date

• Village officials have declined the purchase of gas tanks for village use, but instead will obtain their fuel from the Main Stop. Credit cards will be issued as a pilot program to determine if this is a better fit for the Village

• Stray cats have been the source of a few complaints from village residents. Administrator St. John advised council there are live traps available for use

• Hydrant flushing will be October 15-18

Council will meet in regular session on November 12th in the Village Hall.

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