Stryker Village Council Holds June Meeting; Passes Appropriation Measures

Stryker Council 06-09-2014 MM (2) (WEB)STRYKER: June 9, 2014- Mayor Daniel Hughes brought down the gavel at 7:00 p.m. on June 9, bringing the Stryker Village Council meeting to order for the month of June. Councilmember Mike Fox was not in attendance for the meeting, all other council members were present at the roll call. Following the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the council turned its attention to the adaption of the May Monthly Meeting Minutes, followed by the unanimous adaption of the Village Financial Report.

The next item on the agenda was Citizen input to the council. Mr. Jeff Erb of Sanholtz-McKarns was in attendance, and addressed the council regarding the construction project to build a new Mainstop/Convenience Store in the Village of Stryker. Mr. Erb presented the council with the proposed site plan and briefed the council members on the site details. According to Mr. Erb, the project will be open for bids and once accepted, construction will begin. It is estimated the beginning time for the project will be July/August. Any resident interested in viewing the plans may visit the Village Office, where the site plan will be displayed for citizen review.

The council next turned its attention to legislative matters. The first item for consideration was Ordinance # 2014-04-Revised 2014 Permanent Annual Appropriation. Ordinance 2014-04 authorized the increase in general fund appropriations by the amount of $750.00, which was a donation received by the Bryan and Montpelier Eagles to the Village of Stryker. The measure was unanimously adopted by a 5-0 vote. Next up was the consideration of Emergency resolution #06-2014-1, a resolution where the Village of Stryker is giving preliminary legislative consent to the Ohio Department of Transportation to provide Bridge Inspection Program Services. This measure was also unanimously adapted on a 5-0 vote.

Next up for the Council was the Administrator’s Report, delivered by Gary St. John, Village Administrator. Administrator St. John discussed the replacement of a Chlorine Pump at the Water Station and also announced the Village will commence sidewalk replacement throughout the Village during the month of July. The final item for discussion was the Village making a donation to the Eagle Scout Project underway by Tanner Clingaman. The project will be a cement fire pit at Knight’s Landing, and the council contributed $500.00 towards its completion. The Council voted unanimously to approve the contribution by a 5-0 vote.

In Village Officials report to the Council, Police Chief Steven Schlosser reported that there were 88 police contacts during the previous month, with 18 traffic warnings issued; 4 traffic citations and 3 adult arrests. Chief Schlosser also briefed the council on a new communication system being considered for use throughout Williams County. The proposed system will be cost shared by using Villages and other agencies within the county, and the cost for the Village of Stryker will be $431.00. Lastly, Chief Schlosser also reported that Patrolman Cody nelson has been accepted for a full time position with the Sidney, Ohio Police Department and will be departing for his new assignment on June 19.

The Village Council completed its open session and then went into executive session to discuss a property acquisition matter.

The Stryker Village Council will hold its next meeting on July 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Stryker Village Office.

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