Stryker Village Council Passes Emergency Appropriations Modifications


The Stryker Village Council met on October 14, led by Mayor Daniel Hughes. The majority of the issues taken up at the meeting pertained to general fund modification appropriations. After the gravel struck at 6:00 P.M, the Council went into Executive Session, lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Prior to the council addressing agenda items, an announcement was made regarding Halloween activities on October 26. Citizens are reminded that Trick of Treat hours in the Village of Stryker will be 5:30-7:00 P.M. Additionally, on October 26 beginning at 4:00, the Fire Station will be holding an Open House that will include a Hot Dog Roast and a Costume Judging Contest. The Village Council will also be holding a Chicken Dinner behind the administrative office on the 26th, beginning at 4:00.

The 1st agenda item presented to the Council was Resolution 2013-7, approving the movement of funds within the general funds account to communications, maintenance and street lighting maintenance. Additional funding was also appropriated for the approaching period funding snow removal and other winter road and street emergency requirements during the winter driving season.

The 2nd item on the agenda was Ordinance 2013-11, approving dispersal of funds to pay Solicitor/Legal Fees in the amount of $4,000.00. The ordinance also approved dispersal of State Highway Funds in the amount of $21,000.00, $17,000.00 of which are approved for materials and fees.

The 3rd item on the Council’s agenda was approval of Ordinance 2013-12, an administrative ordinance bringing the Village of Stryker into compliance with enactments approved by the Ohio General Assembly pertaining to the Traffic, General Offenses and Fire Prevention Codes.

The final item addressed by the Council was the Village of Stryker’s Administrator’s Report. The Village Administrator announced the Springfield Twp. Fire department completed their move to new facilities located at 209 North Depot Street in Stryker. The Administrator also announced the flushing of all city fire hydrants has been nearly completed and should wind up within the next day or so. Finally, residents may continue to rake leaves to the curb and citywide pickup will commence this week. The Village Administrator asks all residents who may have branches and limbs for disposal from the recent storm, in addition to leaves, please pile those items separately so that the street department may pick the items up in a timely manner.

Prior to closing the meeting, the Council received a brief from Police Chief Steven D. Schlosser of the Stryker Police Department. Chief Schlosser outlined law enforcement efforts in the Village since the last meeting. The Village reported 35 citations issued, 6 of which were traffic citations. The police department also announced 2 adult arrests.

Chief Schlosser brought to the board’s attention the department has received several telephone fraud complaints by residents of the village, complaining of fraudulent Medicare/Medicaid solicitors. The Chief would like to remind all residents to carefully screen calls received pertaining to health care issues, and to be careful about releasing private personal/financial information to any solicitors over the phone.

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