Stryker Wins BBC Endurance Contest Against Hilltop

(September 16th, 2014)-WEST UNITY: The Lady Panthers of Stryker stepped onto Hilltop’s court expecting to win. What they didn’t expect was for the victory to take half the night to earn.

The Lady Cadets played host to the Panthers for what would be a five set war. The match went back and forth, with the two teams alternating wins as the games piled up. Ultimately, it was Stryker who came away with the match in hand.

The girls from Stryker got off to a strong start, winning game 1 25-18. Hilltop answered right back, earning a tough 25-18 victory in game 2. The Lady Panthers came back to take the third set 25-23. The Lady Cadets staved off defeat by claiming game 4 25-20. In the final set of the night, Stryker was able to pull off a 15-7 win to take the match.

Maddie Uribes had 12 assists, 5 kills, 3 aces, and 2 blocks for the Panthers. Teammate Audra Rupp added 10 kills and 6 blocks to the victory effort. Stryker’s Brittany Breier contributed 3 kills as well.

Ariana Brown had a monstrous evening for the Cadets, making 12 kills, 8 blocks, 3 digs, and an ace. Felicity Jackson got the offense going for Hilltop with her 16 assists to go along with 2 kills, a block, and an ace. Allie Schmitt had 16 digs, 4 kills, and an ace in the loss.

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