Stryker’s Lockport Mennonite Church To Present “Babushka” Musical

The children of Lockport Mennonite Church would like to welcome you to join us on Sunday, December 15th at 10:45am. They will be presenting the Christmas musical called “Babushka.”

“Babushka” cleans her little Russian house all day long to stop herself from noticing how lonely and sad she is. She’s so busy brushing away the spider, the mouse and the fly that she fails to notice beautiful things going on around her: a new star shining in the sky, an angel hovering in her garden and an exciting message being spread by three mysterious kings. “Babushka” is published by Starshine Music Ltd.

The public is invited and welcome. The church is located 3 miles north of Stryker at 9269 CR 21-N, across from the Lockport Bridge. Approximately 40 children from preschool through 8th grades are involved.

Feel free to contact the church for directions or questions at 419-682-1831.

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