Stryker’s Logan Grant Rocks With Picture From His Culinary Hero Guy Fieri

LoganGetsGuyFieriPhotoOct14 WEBLogan Grant loves the cooking that TV host Guy Fieri does. Logan has two of his cookbooks, a set of his spatulas and some paper clips to hold recipes from his favorite chef.

Logan also owns a pair of bright red shoes, like the ones Mr. Fieri wears. Logan has worn his shoes to work, and after seeing him with those shoes on and with his hair all spiked up, Quadco Training Specialist Bobbi Schlosser told him that he even looks like Guy Fieri.

Schlosser then suggested that Logan write to Mr. Fieri and request an autographed photo.

So after visiting Fieri’s website and getting the necessary information, Logan did just that, completing a letter and sending it off to Fieri’s California address on July 30.

In the letter Logan told the famous cook that he watches his shows, buys his books, and tries out the recipes so he can cook just like Mr. Fieri. Logan said that he loves to cook and is always trying new recipes and improving his skills.

Logan even included a photo of himself wearing the trademark bright red shoes and invited Mr. Fieri to check them out!

The website said to expect that any request could take 3 months or so. Every day Logan watched the mail and waited.

Finally, on October 15, his dad told him there was something in the mail he probably wanted to see. He opened the envelope and there was a signed photograph of Guy Fieri!

“Logan, you rock!” is what the famous TV chef wrote before signing his name.

Needless to say, Logan is thrilled to have received the photograph. He gets a big smile on his face as he shows it to all his family, his friends at Quadco and the people he meets, including those at the SUBWAY® Restaurant where he has been working.
Logan says he has already begun his Christmas list, and he wants a yellow and green shirt and wrist bands just like the ones Mr. Fieri wears to go along with his collection.

After receiving the letter, it didn’t take long for Logan to cook up another idea. As he once again gets a big grin on his face, Logan says he has already sent another letter to the TV chef. Logan says he is inviting Mr. Fieri to come visit him. Logan would like to show him how he prepares his own recipes at home.

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