Stryker’s Quadco Lends Artist’s Work To Display At Parkview Physicians Group In Bryan

BirdCollageByQRCArtClub14 WEBA group of birds is nestled in with other artwork currently on public display at the Parkview Physicians Group in Bryan. What makes this piece of art unique from the other pieces being shown there is that it was created by a group of people from Quadco Rehabilitation Center (QRC).

Members of the Quadco joint administrative and non-profit boards heard about the artwork at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday (June 24).

Program Manager Shannon Zellers told the board members that six members of QRC’s Art Club used acrylic paint to paint the backgrounds for the six different bird scenes.

She said six other art club members then used their fingers to spread pastel colors onto bird cutouts to bring the colors of the bird to life. The birds were then embedded into the background panels to give them a two-dimensional feel.

The art display at the medical center is by members of the Black Swamp Art Guild. QRC’s Art Club is now a member of the guild and hopes to display some of the other artwork done by club members in the future.

The bird collage was purchased shortly after it was put on display at the medical center.

QRC Executive Director Bruce Abell announced that the three SUBWAY® Restaurants owned by the center received Operational Excellence Awards earlier this month. The awards are presented to SUBWAY® restaurants in recognition of the achievement a restaurant has made in areas that are important to customers.

He said, “The awards are based on things like the cleanliness of the stores, the quality of bread, and the quality of service.”

In order to receive the award, a store must maintain a consistent high quality of operation over the previous six months.

The restaurants receiving the awards were the SUBWAY restaurants in Stryker and in the Bryan and Defiance Walmart stores.

While pleased with the awards, Mr. Abell also reviewed the financial picture of the restaurants with the board. He said most restaurants operate with a small staff, which makes them efficient.

However, the restaurants operated by QRC are also training programs for the individuals they serve. He noted that it is much more difficult to operate the restaurants as training programs with the additional staff that is needed to provide the training and keep them financially viable.

He said the center has seen recent losses at the restaurants and felt that they should be addressed. The board agreed and voted to support him making operational changes to reduce the financial losses they are experiencing now.

Mr. Abell gratefully noted a recent donation to the center. A.J. Door of West Unity provided an overhead door for QRC’s delivery truck at cost and donated the labor to install it.

QRC will again be hosting a cruise-in during the summer. Marketing Director Bill Priest said that a cruise-in will be held on July 11 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Stryker school parking lot.

Mr. Priest said he has been inviting owners of classic cars to bring their vehicles to the cruise-in, and is hoping that a good number of them will come just as they did to last year’s event.

He said people from QRC will tour the parking lot to look over the cars that day, and anyone from the area is also welcome to come and enjoy the show, too.

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