Student Scholars Recognized At Bryan School Board Meeting

By: James Pruitt

News and notes from the June 20 Bryan City School District Board of Education meeting.

Four County Career Center School Board Report
• New teacher hiring taking place.

• 60 young students are attending summer camp classes.

• Four County’s adult education director announced that over 5,200 people have taken CPR or First Aide courses over the last 12 months. This equals over 900 classes which have helped many of them further their desire to take Four County’s paramedic course.

Donations: $4091.20 from the Class of 1964 to cover the cost of two new flag poles at the 6-12 building
Baby Grand piano, valued at $2,500 from Shirley Bard to the Music Department

16” Nikolas viola, valued at $1,052 from Laura Rode to the Orchestra program

$213 from the Mary Rychener Memorial to both the Band and Choir programs

$214 from the Mary Rychener Memorial to the Orchestra program $7,600 from the Bryan Elementary PTO

Recommendation to accept bid from Baker-Shindler Contracting Company in the amount of $103,405 for the Field House parking lot expansion project.

Construction Project: Savage, Lingvai, and Newcomer provided comments regarding the 6-12 construction project as well as the remodel of the Middle School project.

An auction at the Lincoln building to sell personal property will be Sept. 17.

Commendations: High School: Class of 2016 Top 10 percent: Ivy Beaver, Kennedy Dick, Alexander Dolan, Julia Hines, Adam Hug, Robert Kimble, Alan Kittle Jr., Jacob Kuba, Jacob Hausch, Jaret Miller, Jarett Pittman, Michael Sheridan

4th Quarter All A Honor Roll:

Grade 12

Ivy Beaver, Alex Dolan, Ashlee Engstrom, Ezekiel Ferrell, Jacob Hausch, Julia Hines, Elizabeth Hoene, Elizabeth Huard, Adam Hug, Emma Khandaker, Robert Kimble, Alan Kittle, Jacob Kuba, Mollie Lirot, Deylen Miley, Jaret Miller, Blake Richards, Riley Schultz, Muskan Sharma, Michael Sheridan, Mackenzie Siller

Grade 11

Mekenzie Andrews, Jazzlyn Badgley, Owen Beaver, Brandon Boecker, Marcus Boecker, Bleus Creek, Allison Darrow, Lindsay DuVernay, Jordan Easley, Austin Harding, Emily Knight, Ashley Koenn, Jonda Krontz, Natalie Meyer, Delaney Miley, Melissa Miller, Norah Pool, Trista Savage, McKenna Shaffer, Kurt Stokes, Isabella Swartz, Austin Teegarden, Morgan Tinkel, Jessica Trausch, Joshua Vonseggern, Josh Webb, Delaney Zuver

Grade 10

Isaac Bowers, Allison Boyer, Avery Carter, Stephanie Cook, Ethan Deel, Jordan Drinnon, Kollin Klingler, Kayla Lemons, Joslin Miller, Alex Morr, Margo Morr, Zachary Nobis, Madison Reiser, Jonathan Roberts, Brittany Rosendaul, Grace Voigt, Race Vollmar, Whitney Whetro, Brittney Willis, Spencer Winzeler, Hannah Wynne

Grade 9

Kayla Arnold, Sloane Brown, Rozlyn Day Hemenway, Alexia Dietsch, Katelyn Farrell, Kristopher Geren, Katherine Grothaus, McKenna Grube, Caleb Hardy, Evan Kaullen, Ethan Khandaker, Andrew Knight, Baylee Krupp, Conner Lemons, Andrew Peters, Zachary Pittman, Paiten Price, Hannah Psurny, Carolyn Rychener, Connor Shirkey, Hope Snider, Isaiah Taylor, Mikayla Vonseggern, Dazi Walz, Rachel Webb, Thibaut Woolace, Xiao Xie

State Track & Field Finalists: Parker Harris – tied for 15th in Boys Pole Vault Alex Dolan – 100 meter finals; with multiple school records in the 100 and 200 throughout the season Jake Hausch, Cobin Garza, David Rummel, Alex Dolan – 4 x 100 relay team placed 8th; with 2 new school records Evan Smith, John Garza, Logan Deel, Jake Hausch – 4 x 400 relay team placed 9th; with 3 new school records

Middle School: Top 10% Recognition: Grade 7 Kloee Antigo, Holden Cobb, Ra’el Coward, Jillian Drinnon, Haven Hawkins, Franchesca LaMantia, Canon Lamberson, Jada Martinez, Karina McDougle, Jasmine Richter, Alanna Romes, Zachary Seaman, Braiden Showalter, Scout Smith, Jessica Wernsing, Lucas Will, Emma Woolace
Grade 8 Travis Baughman, Angelina Bowman, Brooks Brown, Sydney Davis, Hannah Goodrich, Erika Grime, Case Hartman, Owen Huard, Tyler Manon, Kelly Miller, Nate Miller, Kabryn Myers, Taylor Peters, Lauren Redhead, Shellie Sands, Courtney Whetro, Audrey Zimmerman

All A Honor Roll for 4th Quarter G
Grade 8 Travis Baughman, Abigail Bellamy, Angelina Bowman, Brooks Brown, Katelyn Darrow, Sydney Davis, Kerrigan Dick, Alison Dubois, Hannah Goodrich, Erika Grime, Megan Grimm, Isaiah Hale, Case Hartman, Owen Huard, Nathan James, Tyler Manon, Emma Meade, Noah Meyer, Kelly Miller, Nate Miller, Jessica Mueller, Kabryn Myers, Taylor Peters, Lauren Redhead, Brendan Reiser, Grace Rohrer, Shellie Sands, Opal Thomas, Katie West, Courtney Whetro, Audrey Zimmerman
Grade 7 Gabrielle Bany, Dominick Blankenship, Ra’el Coward, Jillian Drinnon, Althea Fillman, Alexis Firm, Haven Hawkins, Franchesca LaMantia, Canon Lamberson, Breanna Long, Jada Martinez, Karina McDougle, Ariana Penny, Jasmine Richter, Kalib Riter, Alanna Romes, Brooke Satterthwaite, Zachary Seaman, Braiden Showalter, Alexandra Vreeland, Jacob Washington, Jessica Wernsing, Lucas Will, Emma Woolace

Grade 6 Addison Arnold, Emilee Bassett, Anthony Brown, James Fortner, Blake Grube, Nathanael Hess, Bella Jackson, Craig Jackson, Nolan Kuhn, Michael Ledyard, Grace Mueller, Ethan Psurny, Bailey Richards, Zac Rosendaul, Katherine Seaman, Korbin Shepherd, Mallorie Staup, Brooke Taylor, Delilah Taylor, Joshuah Taylor, Karlee Temple, Haylee Wheeler, Michael Wolff, Allison Zimmerman

IKE’s Top Dogs for May – Enthusiasm
Grade 4 – Jaydon Dennis, Eliyahs Oberlin, Maddox Langenderfer, Alyssa Varner, Kasen Kauffman, Avery Brown, Zachary Carlson
Grade 5 – Caleb Wolfrum, Maya Juarez, Jacob McVay, Jaydon Woolace, Maddie Gearig, Kush Patel, Cayden Pettit
4th Grade Bard Essay Winners Samuel Herold, Gracie Jinkins, Tabithah Taylor, Allison Vashaw, Marah Smith, Kyah Davis

Lincoln Elementary: Character Trait Awards for Enthusiasm Gage McIntosh, Mariah Shell, Cody Shaffer, Michelina Mariani, Myleigh Andrews, Gabriella Mossburg, Cooper Beltran, Jaymison Longoria, Chelsea Wiggins, Carson Rude, Brady Jackson, Allyson Davis, Athena Carroll, Eduardo Ewing, Zaleski Hulet, Nicolette Stickney, Noah Mills, Landon Bassett, Shaylee Kosier, Kathryn Walkup, Alivia Ward, Taren Byers, Alexis Shaffer, Nathan Fisher, Zander Sumner, Madison Elston

PE Gold Slip Winner – Gaige Phillips

PE Gold Slip Winner of the Year – Katelyn Moss

Sportsmanship Award Classroom – Mrs. Houk’s class for demonstrating how to show good sportsmanship and leadership in class

Washington Elementary: Character Trait Awards for Enthusiasm Brayden Brown, Colton Sheline, Kennedy Slone, Abigail Goebel, Lilly Entenman, Holden Wheeler, Jacob Thompson, Rylie Poole, Nathen Ryan, Gauge Gillett, Trent Berkebile, Deacon Dennison, Jayce Daniels, Madison Klinepeter, Austin Beam, Alanna Mosier, Allison Leininger, Alexandra O’Neill, Jay Showalter, Leni Spain, Zachary Stall, Hayden Veres, Liley Koch, Zakary Russell, Jalyn Mojica, Cassidy Dietsch, Kassi McDade, Nole Carpenter, Olivia Brown, Ember Heer, Gabe Hudson, Grayson Snider, Danaka Pickett

PE Gold Slip Winners – Troy Nye, Everett Wehri

PE Gold Slip Winners of the Year – Chloe Davies, James Jinkins

PE Character Bear Classroom – Mrs. Boyer and Mr. Osterland’s classrooms for demonstrating how to show good sportsmanship and leadership in class

Staci Nofziger – Elementary 3-5 Art Teacher, effective July 10, 2016

Doug Billman – Head Boys Basketball Coach, MS Football Coach


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