Swanton Wrestling Program Asks for Space in Middle School

At the April 15 Board of Education meeting, Greg Hallet, Swanton Middle School Social Studies teacher and High School wrestling coach made a proposal to utilize part of the Swanton Middle School that is scheduled to be razed as a wrestling venue for practices and matches for the area’s youth wrestling program.

“Our proposal and our overall goal is to turn the old art room and wood working room into a wrestling room for the grade school and middle school,” said Mr. Hallet who has been involved with the local wrestling program since 2000.  “This will alleviate some congestion.  It will prevent late evening practices for the K-6 kids.  Some other positives are it will alleviate the disruption of events at the high school.”

Part of the funding for the project which is estimated to cost between $30,000 and $40,000 will come from a variety of community sources including the Swanton Wrestling Club.  Some of the cost will be offset by a reduction in spending to maintain the current practices of the program.

The meeting actually began with local resident John Stase asking the board to reconsider razing the old high school which was built in 1904.  “This is something we should save for posterity for our children to show what we did for this town,” said Mr. Stase.  He went on to suggest the building should be sold to someone who would turn the structure into apartments or possibly a business center.

In other news treasurer Joyce Kinsman gave an update of the District’s finances and said the current financial health seems to be in a good state.  The building project is proceeding very well at the expected pace.

Josh Eppert, Quiz Bowl Coach gave an update on the Quiz Bowl Team which will be competing in the Quiz Bowl Nationals in Chicago the weekend of April 27.

As standard practice the Board approved dozens of school-related contracts for the 2017-2018 school year.

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