The 2017 “You’re Full Of Baloney Concert” Slated For March 16th

Baloney and authentic live music will take to the stages in Fayette’s historic Opera House on Thursday, March 16th when the Ginnivan Auditorium opens its doors to local musicians, poets and performers for the fifth annual Bean Creek Valley, “You’re Full of Baloney Coffee House Concert”.

While local performers are entertaining upstairs on the stage of the Opera House, Baloney lovers will enjoy the culinary efforts of some of the finest handcrafted (artisan) baloney makers in the region on the first floor of the facility.

The “You’re Full of Baloney Night” concert was created to celebrate the history of what was known as “Fayette Baloney” and to feature a venue for local Bean Creek Coffee House musicians and performers on stage in the Ginnivan Auditorium at the Fayette Opera House.

Fayette Baloney enjoyed great popularity in the first part of the 20th Century and was a product of the Tule & Heckman Meat Market. People from throughout the region would stop at their Main Street (US 20) Shop to enjoy this unique regional product.

The idea to celebrate that product and the many handcrafted baloneys created by local meat processors and amateur abattoirs throughout the region was the vision of a group of individuals who value music, history and great baloney.

According to Tom Spiess, Director of the Opera House, the idea just “caught the imagination” of the area and, for the better part of the last decade, the event has become the focal point of an end of winter celebration.

“We have had as many as seventeen different baloney and sausages available for tasting at one event” said Spiess.

“You’re Full of Baloney Night” is sometimes referred to as “Pie-loney Nite” at the Opera House because, on that night, the baloney tasting is accompanied by the offering of a piece of homemade pie.

Admission to the “You’re Full of Baloney Concert” is donation only, while the baloney tasting, pie and coffee offering and concessions are modestly priced to offset costs and to support the many activities that take place at the Opera House.

Artisan Baloney Makers (both amateur and professional) are encouraged to submit entries.

The doors open to the Opera House at 6:00 p.m. with the Baloney Tasting Buffet beginning immediately.

The Concert begins at 6:30 and runs for two hours.

This event is sponsored by the Fayette Opera House. For additional information please call (419) 237-3111.


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