Superintendent Dr. Bob Smith – “The Future And The Unknown”

Hilltop Superintendent Dr. Bob Smith

A man once said:  “when you think about yesterday (while living today) does one wonder if tomorrow will be the same as yesterday?”  Actually, I just made that up.

Yet, I think many look ahead to their tomorrows hoping they will be better than most of their yesterdays.  Speculating about the future can be fun or it can be depressing – the old saying:  “just when I thought things couldn’t get worse…they did.”

But what we do know about the future – it will be different.  For thousands of years man depended on foot or horseback travel (yet) it took only a few years to move that to space travel.  Now we know that future change will come in rapid succession.

Coping with rapid events related to rapid change creates uncertainty and uncertainty creates anxiety which can lead to depression and fear of the future.

Our children will face a future that we adults cannot predict or even imagine.  How should the public schools respond to this uncertainty?  Sure wish I knew the answer to that…I could write a book and relax on some secluded beach somewhere and enjoy the royalties.

But some answers we do have.  Some things are constant and not subject to change – the ability to read; to create and seek new knowledge; to develop the talents of reason; to set goals; to live a healthy life style; to continue learning.

Religious and personal values are also a  The Gold Rule.  These values are what make us human and are as true today as they were with past generations.

These are some of the unchanging values that will help out children evolve with the rapid changes taking place in technology and the world as we know it.

The future can be promising, exciting and full of opportunities.  Education will still be the foundation for American success.  Change for the good is not a bad thing….uncontrolled change is a different story.

Dr. Bob Smith, Supt
Millcreek-West Unity Local School

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