The Wauseon Seven Ready To Say Farewell To An Old Friend



The Wauseon Indians Girls Soccer Team is in its 19th year of existence. The program has been fueled over the years by the Wauseon Parks and Recreation Department.

Hundreds of boys and girls of all ages compete during each season of the year. The youngsters start making memories the first time they lace up their shoes. For Girls Soccer, seven from the class of 2017 remain.

This year’s collection of seniors includes: Beth Yackee (D), Taylor Benschoter (M/F), Timber Kreiner (D), Amanda Hammontree (M), Taylar Held (D), Torri Bost (M) and Kate Precht (D). These seven ladies have been enjoying the game they love since the age of five or six.

Hammontree talked about her earliest memories. “My mom was actually my coach for five years,” Hammontree said, “Along with that, my two older sisters both played growing up. I just really looked to them as role models and I really wanted to be like them when I was younger.” The senior midfielder gained a love for the sport from the time she stepped on the field. Hammontree’s passion for the sport has much to do with her team mates. “This sport takes a team effort and being around six other girls I have grown up with, from such a young age, makes us more of a family than just a team.”

Torri Bost is another of the players who started through the Parks and Recreation Department’s program. “I just enjoy playing the game and I found a love for it right from the beginning,” Bost said. “There is nothing that suited me better than the sport of soccer. All the other girls on the team make it so much more enjoyable. After school I enjoy knowing that coming out to the field that soccer is what we all share our love for and we can just go out and have fun.”

Defender Timber Kreiner wanted to have an interest that was all her own. “Honestly I started soccer because it was different than anything else my family had done,”

Kreiner said. “I ended up loving it and wanted to play it for the rest of my school career. I’ve probably stuck with it because it was something different. But I just love the girls and I love the atmosphere and love being able to play in a team sport that is as great as soccer.”

Another senior defender, Taylar Held had much the same story as the other ladies. “I started soccer when I was in first grade and I really didn’t play anything else. My parents were not from Wauseon and I had no older siblings that grew up here. So I figured playing a sport would be a good way to make friends and to grow into the community. Soccer is what I chose and I am so glad I stuck with it”. Held fell in love with the “family aspect of the sport. “As a team we do everything together during soccer season. It’s crazy how all of us can come from different backgrounds and different situations and come together and play the same game that we all love.”

Beth Yackee’s career started because of a decision she had to make starting out. “My mom asked me one day ‘What do you want to do?’ and she gave me a list of things including soccer. I chose soccer from that list and I fell in love with the game very quickly. I don’t think I could picture my life without it now.” Yackee also remembered starting in first grade with the Parks and Recreation program. “I remembered meeting up with Taylar (Held) who was going to be in my first grade class the following fall. Yackee’s fondest memory happened in fourth grade. “Our team won the division and we ended undefeated with just one tie. I just remember that being an amazing time and really a memorable time for everyone.” Obviously playing with these six other ladies is what she thinks the most of. “This is our year and it is just really great to play with these girls by my side for one final time.”

The seven have endless memories about their careers, but perhaps Held had the best of all. “During high school, what we do is when we have a few girls with the same name, we tend to give one of them a nickname,” Held explained. “During my freshman year there were two Taylors on the team. For some reason, my senior team mate at the time, Stacy Lane, came up with the nickname of “Helen” for me. It has stuck ever since and it actually has gotten to the point that some people call me Helen and not even know my actual name.”

More than one of the ladies gave a shout to the Hallett family, Jack and his daughter Adrienne, who coached through the Parks and Recreation Department and who introduced the game to most of these senior athletes. “The Hallett family has helped me the most,” Kate Precht added. “Even when I was little, Jack and Adrienne encouraged me to keep playing. They continue to support me even though they are out of town and that means the most to me.” The Hallett duo was also remembered by Held. “I would have to say that one of the most influential coaches I have had would have to be Jack Hallett. He was my very first coach in first grade. I give him credit for being the coach that helped me to fall in love with the game. He is the reason that I continue to play the sport today.”

Bost and Yackee were first-team All-NWOAL as juniors, Hammontree was named to the second-team as a junior. Yackee was first-team All-District in Division II while Bost was honorable mention. The talent level is evident with these awards, all seven of these young athletes are hoping to pursue college degrees. Despite the fact that their college careers probably will not involve soccer, the sport has brought these seven through their formative years and it is not as much a sport to them anymore, but rather an old friend that they will not soon forget.

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