Third-Grade Reading Scores Show Improvement At Hilltop Schools

Brian Wieland is the new president of the Millcreek West Unity Board of Education.

Wieland replaced Sarah Carothers who will be vice president for 2017.

The board established a Service Fund of $3,000.

The board also established the following meeting schedule

Feb. 27, March 27, April 17, May 15, June 26, July 17, Aug. 21, Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 18 and Dec. 15.

All meetings will begin at 6 p.m. in the library on the second floor of the school.

Board members will be compensated $80 a meetings for 16 meetings in 2017.

During the regular meeting, the board heard from the school principals for their monthly reports.

The third-grade AIR reading scores came back and officials were pleased. The test showed marked improvement compared to the third-graders who took the test in the spring.

That group has 42 percent proficient while this year’s students were 59 percent.

“We have another chance to take the test in the spring,” Principal Laurie Worline said.

Seventeen students have not met the score of 700, however seven of those students did meet the third-grade reading guarantee which means they will be allowed to move to fourth grade, Worline said.

On the positive side, 12 students were proficient, 10 in accelerated and four kids in advanced, Worline said. Last year there were hardly any kids in accelerated or advanced she said.

One additional element has been the Wonders reading program and an emphasis on writing for K-2, she said.

“I was quite pleased with these results,” Worline said. “I heard they were some of the highest in the county.”

Fourth, fifth and sixth grades participated in Nerf archery as their reward for their Classroom Dojo points, compliments of the Williams County Sheriff’s Office and DARE Officer McCord.

Anne Marie Michaels from Williams County Soil and Water Conservation District spoke to sixth graders. She brought many activities and shared much information about rocks and soil.

The high school report honored the following students in grades 7-12 as Students of the Month for November and December:

Mrs. Smith – Tayler Bleikamp Rhoades; Mrs. Nofziger Breanna Lehnhartz; Mr. Miller-Chris Rhoades; Mr. Thompson – Gavin Stambaugh; Mrs. Hagans – Quinn Smith; Ms. Arps – Haley Stephens; Mrs. Phillips – Alisa Huerta; Mr. Zachrich – Jacob Champion; Mr. Brown – Amber Burrows; Mrs. Bentancur – Chase Williams Geis; Mr. Maran – Sage Repp; Mr. Gerig – Emily Banks; Ms. Bruner – Marisa Yates; Ms. Yoh – Felicity Jackson; Ms. Miller – Michael Garcia; Mr. Massey – Randy Vickery; Mrs. Burkholder – Taylor Kuhn; Four County – Katie Foster; Mrs. Rivera – Gabe Matthews; Ms. Frey – Ethan Dunson; Mrs. Allen – Aubrey Wyse; Mr. Boehnlein – Katie Geis and Mr. Schaper – Austin Grieser.

Winners of the annual Holiday Talent show top performances included Elijah Kuszmaul (7th grade) and sophomores Zoi Bauer, Brianna Bell and Aubrie Calvin. Calvin was the overall winner while Bell “brought the house down” with “Piano Girl.”
Enrollment was down one at 286.6 from December.

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