Third Quarter Stryker Elementary And High School Honor Roll

The following students have received high enough grades to make the Honor Roll. The * indicates students who received all A’s.

In 4th Grade: Tristan Atkinson, Mallori Blevins, Victoria Bost, Brianna Breier*, Blaze Campbell, Jennifer Deitz, Sydney Fether, Haylee Fulk, Karina Guthrie*, Marissa Myers*, Kaila Patterson, Kiah Patterson, Korra Peffley, Alexia Roth, Bailey Short*.

In 5th Grade: Dacey Bishop, Spencer Clingaman*, Ariane Dangler, Gabriella Dickinson, Gianluca Fabiano, Madison Hall, Kaitlyn LaBo*, Caitlyn Lyons*, Kinsey Myers*, Emma Rodeheaver*, Joshua Rodeheaver, Ryan Ruffer, Morgan Rupp, Amos Sloan, Brayden Tilley, Devon Weirauch, Olivia Whitlock, Hannah Wood, Payton Woolace.

In 6th Grade: Kalista Blevins, Makenzie Cadwell , EmilyAnne Cox, Eryn Currier, Abigail Grice, Anna Heeres, Arik Huffman, Noah Huffman*, Jaelina Mitchell, Sophia Rockey, Alicia Rutledge, Courtney Stewart, Emanuel Villanueva, Max Wonders.
In 7th Grade: Caylin Benson, Logan Boetz, Thomas Bost, Erica Breier*, Breanna Doriot, Daniel Fether, Emma Grime, Brittney Haines, Reece Hall, Cody Moser, Jeffrey Neville, Jacob Rohrs, Tristin Sampson, Anna Stuckey.

In 8th Grade: Colin Anders, Levi Chappuis, Haley Doehrmann, MathaDell Ferguson, Tiffany Garner, Samantha Haas, McKenna Louys*, Madison Myers*, Amanda Oberlin*, Kira Pettit, Gabriele Stuckey, Kimberly Stuckey, Sierrah Whitman, Sterling Wisnewski.

In 9th Grade: Colton Benson, Emily Cadwell*, Chyanne Cameron, Gabriella Clark, Hayden Clingaman, Kaelyn Currier, Bristle Dix, Cameron Frey, Allison Frisbie, Austin Frisbie, Andrew Fritch, Miranda Maynard, Emma Shindledecker*, Paige Speelman, Lynne Stuckey, Zachory Tucker, Brooklyn Whitlock, Tricia Wolfrum, Kaitlyn Wonders, Kaid Woolace, Maygen Wray*.

In 10th Grade: Brittney Breier, Kyleigh Brown, Jessica Chiow, Megan Graber*, Kaycee John, Melissa Kinkaid*, Olivia Kroetz, Miranda Pegorch, Trevin Rhoades, Chad Ruffer, Audra Rupp , Shi’Anna Whitman*.

In 11th Grade: Amy Chappuis*, Tanner Clingaman*, Naomi Diaz (Four County), Austin Grisier, Bayli Louys , Cody Michael, Gabrielle Paxton, James Perry (Four County), Mckinze Powers, Sharleen Reeves (Four County), Casey Reiniche (Four County)*, Caleb Short (Four County), Kaci Smith, Zachary Tingley, Shelby Uran*, Madeline Uribes*, Alexander Weirauch (Four County), Katie Yoder*.

In 12th Grade: Jordan Baltosser (Four County), Zachary Birky (Four County)*, Evan Chappuis (Four County), Austin Dilyard (Four County), Zachary Greutman (Four County), Jacob Hancock (Four County), Christine Huston*, McKinzie Leu (Four County), Megan Neville*, Kari Oberlin (Four County)*, Derek Opdycke (Four County), Natasha Pegorch*, Kyle Rohrs, Ashley Schlosser (Four County), Bailey Short, Connor Sullivan*, Conner Varner*, Christopher Whitlock (Four County).

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