Three Arts Club Hears Of Hypnotism Benefits At February Meeting

IMG_0031.jpeg WEBThe February meeting of the Three Arts Club was held at the home of Linda Johnston. The guest speaker was Michael Freeman, Director of Counseling and Wellness Services at Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers in Bryan. He is also a certified clinical hypnotist.

He described hypnotism as the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, a natural process that occurs 80% of every day. The most common reasons people come to him for hypnotherapy is for anxiety, to quit smoking, lose weight, and for pain management. Hypnosis is also sometimes used in dentistry. Mr. Freeman didn’t hypnotize any club members, but he did have them do a couple of relaxing exercises for the mind. It was all very interesting.

The meeting was then called to order. Members answered the roll call by telling what habit they would like to break. A thank you was read from the Hilltop Post Prom Committee for our donation. Thank yous were also read from Shirley Taylor and Janet Simmons for our thoughts and prayers.

A donation was given to the Hilltop Science Fair. A letter from the Village of West Unity was read to donate for the Tree City USA Awards Program on April 20. It was voted to donate an item for the raffle. The club also voted to sponsor a girl to attend as a delegate to Buckeye Girl’s State held in June.

The March meeting will be held at the home of Emily Schlosser. It is fun night. Members are to bring a white elephant gift. The meeting was then adjourned.


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