Three Delta Firefighters Honored For Longtime Service

Three longtime Delta firefighters were given honorary status recently. The three men, Bill Chester, firefighter and EMT for 31 years, Tim Gillen, firefighter, 36 years and Tom Miller, firefighter, diver, 33 years were given honorary status at the DCFD membership meeting Feb. 6. The status means the three men can still attend meetings, but no long go on calls, Chief Scott Smith said. The three men represented the “backbone” of the department, he said. A firefighter must serve honorably for at least 10 years to qualify for honorary status, Smith said. While no longer going out on calls, some find another way to support the department. “Tim Gillen, if he finds out about a fire at night, he will put a coffee pot on when the crews get back,” Smith said. “He’ll get donuts or make chili.” Pictured from left to right: Tom Miller, FF/ Diver (33 years) Tim Gillen, FF (36 years) Bill Chester, FF/EMT (31 years).

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