Three Second Grade Girls Commended for Math Fluency By Wauseon Board of Education


IMG_3747 WEBBy: Shar Dimick

The Wauseon Board of Education presented certificates of commendation to three second grade girls for passing their math fluency assessments.

Principal Troy Armstrong explained that second graders must pass addition fluency as the standard to move to third grade; however, at Wauseon they look at both addition and subtraction. He continued to say that they let students progress at their own pace.

“This year we have three young ladies that are just skyrocketing,” said Armstrong. He said that these students not only mastered completing 100 addition facts in 5 minutes and 100 subtraction facts in five minutes, but also 100 mixed addition/subtraction facts, 100 multiplication facts, 100 division facts and 100 mixed multiplication/division facts.

The students receiving the commendations were Ava Pelok, Micaiah Stutzman and Shelby Swartz.

Julie McCaughey, who teaches Stutzman and Swartz said, “I am super proud, because being a girl and growing up in the time where we were kind of dismissed in science and mathematics, in my thirteen years I’ve never had girls be the leader in math; it’s always the boys who get there first. I try not to play favorites in my classroom, but we have cheered the girls a lot this year. I am very proud of them.”

In building report highlights:

•Keith Leatherman, high school principal reported that the boys’ basketball team had the fourth highest combined GPA (3.77) in the state. In addition the boys’ and girls’ together combined for the third-most Gold (Senior)/Silver (Juniors) awards in the state with 16 players having a 3.2 GPA or higher.

•Joesph Friess, middle school principal, reported that Brenda Robison was selected as the OASSA secretary of the year. She attended a conference in Columbus as a guest of OASSA.

•Elementary school principal, Theresa Vietmeier, reported that they recently applied for a $600,000 21st Century Grant for the 2015­16 school year and are cautiously optimistic about being awarded the grant.

•Armstrong reported that Kindergarten registration will be held April 24, 2015., They have 123 registrations. In addition, they have hosted or will host community preschools for kindergarten visits including Head Start, North Clinton and TLC preschools. The preschoolers toured the building, playground with the focus on finding things that are the same as preschool and things that are different.

In other business, the Board:

•Heard from Mr. Mike Marshall during the hearing of the public segment of the meeting regarding the possibility of retire/rehire. Superintendent Larry Brown explained that they met with the Wauseon Education Association regarding a retire/rehire program in February, but were unable to come to an agreement in time to meet state deadlines. He said that they cannot negotiate with individual teachers as this could be perceived as an unfair labor practice.

•Accepted the resignation for retirement purposes of Sue Cowell, 5th grade teacher effective June 1, 2015 and the resignation of Jakob Bills as ELL Coordinator effective April 6, 2015.

•Approved multiple continuing, one-year limited and two-year limited teaching contracts as well as multiple administrative, classified and athletic and non-athletic supplemental contracts.

•Approved a broadband service agreement between NBEC/NWOCA and WEVS effective July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2021.

•Approved overnight trips for the FFA to go to state convention in Columbus, OH and the Acapella Choir/Chorale to Dollywood, TN.

•Approved donations from Arps Dairy, Wauseon Wrestling Association, Harold and Evelyn Watkins, Bobbie Simpkins, Wauseon Rotary Club and Wauseon Lions Club.

•Approved modifications and supplemental modifications to the fiscal year 2015 permanent appropriations and certificate of resources (Archery Grant and One Net Connectivity) as well as authorized a ‘then and now’ certificate for senior pictures on gym and musical t-shirts.

The next board meeting is scheduled for April 23 at 12:00 PM at the Wauseon Primary School.

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