Toledo Zoo Expert Visits Stryker Public Library

Toledo Zoo Expert Kristin visited the Stryker Public Library Thursday, September 20, 2012. Close to 75 children/parents attended this exciting event to discover some of the interesting facts and animals that are at the Toledo Zoo. Kristin brought 3 live animals to the library with her. The 3 live animals were a white tree frog that was 8-10 years old, an albino hedge hog that is 8 months old, and an armadillo that is 9-10 months old. Excitingly, the children were able to pet the hedge hog and the armadillo. Kristin also showed the children the fur of a tiger and koala while explaining the animals characteristics. She proceeded with a brown bat, the skin of an alligator and the jaw of a sandbar shark. Kristin talked with the children and explained almost every characteristic of every animal she showed. She took questions and happily answered everyone of them. This was a really great experience for the children of Stryker, Ohio, and they surely did enjoy it.

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