Trash Talk Among The Many Issues At Delta Village Council Meeting


For the first time since 2011 the cost to Delta residents for refuse and garbage will increase beginning in 2017. The Village Council voted to award the contract for collection and disposal of garbage to Archbold Refuse Service (RFS) and along with the contract came a $.20 per bag price increase to the Village, going from $1.80 per bag to $2.00. This increase will be passed on to Village residents who, currently, pay $20 for 10 tags and will, starting next year, pay $25 for the same 10 tags.

Several options to replace the tag purchase method was discussed such as charging residents a flat fee that could be added to their water bill or using larger rolling containers instead of bags. Village Administrator Brad Peebles the problem with the flat fee was that tag usage varied from resident to resident would be difficult set an appropriate cost and rolling containers would not be cost effective overall.

Another price increase to the Village came in the form of a change order of $110,000 submitted by Peterson Construction, the company that is digging the retention pond for the Combined Sewer Overflow project. During the digging, workers encountered what was described as quicksand approximately two feet below the surface, resulting in more work required to complete the project.

A report of the soil borings (samples), taken during a dry summer in 2013 before project bids were put out, did indicate that the soil may be subject to wet conditions if weather conditions were appropriate. “Two ways to look at this,” said Mr. Peebles. “Had they done the soil borings two months before the bids wet soils would have been noticed and likely our bids would have been adjusted upward to accommodate for the soft soil. Or, now that its excavated, we know exactly what we’re dealing with and this price is reflective of a potential increase in the cost.”

Mr. Peebles was told by a Peterson representative that a bid based on more recent borings would have been higher than the $110,000 change order request. Fortunately, the project carries a one-million-dollar contingency which will cover the additional cost. Council voted unanimously to approve the change order.

In other news, a draft of an agreement between the Village and the Delta Community Fire Department regarding the purchase of a 1957 fire rescue truck was given to Law Director Kevin Heban for review. It will be available for the fire department’s next meeting on December 5.

Several ordinances were passed including one that will authorize the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with the Fulton County Commissioners for Dog Warden services. Another authorized Mayor Dan Miller to execute a revised employment contract with Police Chief Nathan Hartstock.

Council also approved the closing of several streets for the Delta Christmas Parade to be held on Friday, December 2 starting at 6:00 pm.

The next council meeting will be held on December 5 at 7:00 pm in Memorial Hall.

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