Tree/Shrub Seedlings Available for Establishment

Tree seedlings may be ordered now until March 24th from the Williams Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Order forms are available at the SWCD office or one can be printed from the website ( Trees will be ready for pick up on March 25th at the Maple Syrup Festival at the Williams County Fairgrounds. This year the District will be offering Colorado blue spruce, Norway spruce, white pine, arborvitae, sugar maple, swamp white oak, tulip poplar, highbush cranberry, and a backyard packet. Wildflower seed packets, marking flags, and fertilizer tablets are also available to purchase.

The America Wildflower mix is a blend of up to 20 different annual and perennial wildflower varieties that will give you many different, vivid colors as the seasons change. The packet will plant 250 square feet.

The District is equipped with a tree planter and tree planting bars. Call for more information.

Trees can be planted as a wind barrier for a home, livestock, a field, or for landscaping, or for wildlife, a riparian corridor, a snow fence, a sound barrier, for erosion control, or forestry. Proper planting and maintenance over the first three years is the key to success. Tree survival and health over the years depends on proper species selection for soil type. Varying species where appropriate is also beneficial. Roots should be moist when planted. Cultivate, mow, mulch, and/or use herbicides to control weeds, grass, and other encroaching plants for at least three growing seasons. Water seedlings, as needed, especially during the first summer and drought years. Replace trees and shrubs as needed. Ordering 10 to 20 percent more seedlings than needed will serve as replacement stock. In future years, periodic checking and treatment for diseases and insects will help maintain trees for their lifetime. For more information contact the Williams SWCD at 419-636-9395 Ext. 3 or 419-636-2349 Ext 3 or stop by the office at 1120 West High Street, Bryan. The SWCD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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