Tri-District Job Fair To Be Held For Area High School Students

Principals and guidance counselors from Hilltop High School, Montpelier High School and North Central High School established the Tri-District Career Path Committee last school year. Members of these schools, along with WEDCO, manufacturing employers and community leaders continue to meet to establish a career path for students in grades 7-12. The collaboration among the schools and employers is focused on being a win-win situation for everyone involved! The students in grades 7-12 will be given a foundation of employability skills, a guidance to career selection, and an opportunity to work with problem solving, critical thinking skills, and communication and technology skills. The Career Path will not just be an activity for students in these grades – but a lifelong learning experience for them! By students participating in these activities for six years, they will be more prepared to meet the needs of the local businesses!

As students’ progress through each grade level, they will be participating in different activities, taking tours of local businesses, developing a career transition plan and portfolio, working with activities through OhioMeansJobs, job shadowing, preparing a resume and participating in a job fair.

Last year, the first Job Fair was held for the juniors and seniors from these three school districts. The Job Fair was a tremendous success for the students as well as the local businesses. Not only did the students get the opportunity to practice interviewing skills, but some of them were hired for jobs in our area! This year, the Tri-District Job Fair will take place on May 11, 2016 from 12:30-2:30. All juniors and seniors from the three districts will again attend this job fair at the Quality Inn on Montpelier/Bryan. As in 2015, the intent of the day is twofold. One is to expose the students to many of the area employers while guiding them in a positive way to find success in their own journey. The second is to assist the local businesses to secure solid employees!

In preparing for attending the Job Fair, students have been working on their resumes, a cover letter and interviewing skills. Because of the success of last year’s Job Fair, there will be close to thirty businesses at the Job Fair, and each student will have the opportunity to interview with two of the businesses. In addition to the interviews, the students will also attend break-out sessions. These will include: Setting up a banking account, soft-skills, team building activities, purchasing an automobile, team building activities, purchasing insurance, resume support and making healthy choices for their future.

The event will continue from 3:00 – 5:00 with the Job Fair opened to the public! Anyone who is interested in securing a job, can go to the Quality Inn to interview with the businesses. The businesses that will be on-hand include: ArcelorMittal, Chase Brass, CK Technologies, Elwood Staffing, Evergreen Manor Nursing Home, Hillside Country Living, Kamco, Menards, Moore Industries, Pioneer Transformer, Powers & Sons, Ramada Inn, Rassini, Reifel Industries, Rupp Enterprises, Sauders Manufacturing, Staffmark, Village of Montpelier, Winzeler Stamping, and 20/20 Plastics.

The day will begin for the seniors from Montpelier and North Central participating in the Real Money Real World activity that is sponsored by the Williams County OSU Extension Office. This is an interactive, hands-on experience that provides the students the opportunity to make stimulated lifestyle and budget choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis. Hilltop seniors participated in a similar program a few weeks ago.

This will be a day will everyone can benefit from – from the businesses, to the students as well as community members! If there are any local businesses who have not yet been contacted, but would like to participate in the Job Fair, please contact Mrs. Su Thorp at Montpelier High School.


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