Two Deputies Receive Minor Injuries While Arresting A Man In Holiday City


VR LOGO - WEBOn April 9, 2015 at 2:52 hrs. the Williams County Sheriff’s Office received a suspicious person complaint at 13454 SR-15, Hutch’s Kerrie Out.

Deputies tried to ask Alberto Hurtado, age 46, from Battle Creek, Michigan to leave the property several times, but he refused. Mr. Hurtado made threats to cause serious physical harm to one deputy before lunging at him. The deputy deployed his taser, but it had no effect on Mr. Hurtado. The other deputy then deployed his taser, but it still had no effect.

Mr. Hurtado charged the second deputy and began to physically fight the deputies after being ordered to stop and go to the ground. Mr. Hurtado was taken into custody and checked my medics.

Both deputies received minor injuries and were treated by medics. One of the deputies was also treated by the Bryan Community Hospital ER staff.

Mr. Hurtado was transported and held at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio. He is being charged with trespassing, a forth degree misdemeanor; resisting arrest, a first degree misdemeanor; and felonious assault, a forth degree felony.

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