Unemployment Rates Continue To Drop In Fulton And Williams Counties

Unemployment rates statewide have once again shown a slight drop from 7.2% in August to 7.0% in September. Fulton and Williams Counties both contributed to the statewide figure, showing drops of .2% and .6%, respectively. Fulton County went from 6.7% in August to 6.5% in September while Williams County broke the 7% barrier, dropping from 7.5% in August to 6.9% in September.

Fulton County held steady at 50th place in the statewide rankings while Williams County dropped two spots from 35th place to 37th. In each case, the higher the ranking number, the lower the rate of unemployment.

Mercer County continues to enjoy the least unemployment in the state at 3.9%, a drop of .2% from its August rate of 4.1%. Only four other counties had rates at or under 5%. They were: Holmes, 4.4%; Delaware, 4.8%; Auglaize, 4.9%; and Putnam, 5.0 %.

Although Pike County continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the state at 11.5%, that rate is still a drop of .6% from its August rate of 12.1%. Seven other counties join Pike with rates over 9%. They are: Meigs, 10.7%; Jefferson, 10.6%; Clinton, 9.8%; Scioto, 9.7%; Adams, 9.6%; Morgan, 9.4%; and Vinton, 9.1 %.

October 2012 unemployment rates and nonagricultural wage and salary data for Ohio will be released by ODJFS on Friday, November 16, 2012.  County, city and metropolitan area unemployment rates will be available on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.  This information and the monthly statistical summaries it is based on are also available at http://ohiolmi.com/laus/releases.htm.

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