Vehicles, Malone On Display At Montpelier Cruise-In

Montp Cruise In 3 WEBIt was Spencer Malone’s first go at running the Montpelier Cruise-In.

For the past two years he’s been working with Rick Warner to put the show on twice a month. At this particular cruise-in, however, marked the first time in that span in which Warner was strictly a participant.

Warner had his Mercury 100 on display at the event, a vehicle into which he’s put a lot of work. The Canada-made truck has been reworked to handle like a modern truck, much different from how it used to drive, according to Warner.

“It drove like a farm truck.”

The engine and interior have also been entirely redone by Warner, an amazing feat considering he acquired the truck just three years ago. He’s put 2,000 miles on it since then; 300 last year and 1,700 this year.

This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of Mustang, and the many variations of the muscle car were on display at the cruise-in.

It was a different Ford that stole the show, however.

A 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner Retractable was brought to the event by Jerry Hawkins, of Edon. Convertibles of the ‘50’s had a lot of tricky wiring associated with them, and Hawkins’ knowledge on the systems is greatly revered in the area.

“He’s kind of the resident expert on these things.” Malone praised. “If anyone has a problem, they go to him.”

In general, Fords from the 1950’s are designed to look like rockets, and the Galaxie is no exception. Additionally, there were a few other 50’s Fords present at the cruise-in, and they all exhibited this trend.

Spencer Malone is well aware of all of this, and so much more about the vehicles present at his cruise-in. Falling in love with cars at the age of two, he’s a walking automobile encyclopedia.

The Montpelier Cruise-In is in great hands for the future.

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