Veteran Addresses Stryker Sixth Graders For Career Day


DSC_6616By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

Williams County American Legion Councilman Kevin Motter took the time to stop by Stryker Local Schools to speak with a group of sixth grade students about a career in the military.

A member of the United States Army from 1979-85, Motter served as a member of the military police during that time. He also spent some time in Korea early into his tenure, an experience he relayed to the kids.

“It was like landing on a different planet.” Claimed Motter. Everything looked so different, and nobody there spoke English.”

Motter went on to explain how he used his six years of military service to enter into the law enforcement field for more than twenty years, as he was a cop in North Carolina in that span. He emphasized the need to work hard and perform extra tasks whenever possible, as that makes one more likely to be noticed and less likely to be laid off or fired.

Taking questions from the group after his presentation, Motter was asked why certain jobs were not available to girls, with the fact that certain positions were marked as such in the pamphlet he handed out to them. He explained that it has long been considered the natural instinct of military men to protect women, thus compromising the integrity of any mission objectives should a force of both men and women combatants come under fire.

“This is changing, though.” Motter informed. “There are things available to women now that weren’t when I was there.”

Then Motter clarified that those options not available to women are only unavailable for the time being, and expressed his opinion that those jobs will likely become available to females sooner rather than later.

The questions ended shortly thereafter, and Motter bid the kids farewell.

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