Village Of Edon Awaits Bids For New Water Plant

Bids for the new water plant will be advertised soon with an opening 30-45 days out.

Denny Bell of Bell Engineering spoke to the Edon Village Council about the progress on the plant. The state has approved the plant. The bid opening will be 2 p.m. May 12 at the Village Hall.

Mayor Duane Thiel read a letter to the Village Council that spoke of it overstepping its bounds. The mayor asked council to step back and let the mayor and administrator perform their specified jobs.

After a review of the financial report it was decided the payroll will be added at next month’s meeting.

Trash pick-up in the village will be June 10.

Police Chief Tom Szymczak reported the canine unit has been through the schools. He and his sergeant have been alternating weekends since the council eliminated all the part-time help.

Village Administrator Sam Steffes told the council the copper and lead reports for the water study have been completed. He is working with a company on updating the village website.

Steffes has also attended a pre-construction building for the Family Dollar store.

Councilman Chip Hulbert brought some concerns about the parks to council. The concerns deal with Walz and Baker parks. The topics covered maintenance and yardwork.

Mayor Thiel appointed Martha Michael for a term ending in 2020 and Roxanne Nester for 2017.

Council accepted the new employee handbook.
Automatic wage increases for employees earning new EPA licenses was also approved.

The first reading changing the tax allocation to 80/20 was approved as well.
Reuben Brumbaugh has been hired as a new full-time maintenance person. He will be paid $10.50 an hour.

Steffes will investigate paying for a new scoreboard for the ESBL. The ESBL has already purchased the sign. The village would have to reimburse the league.

The next meeting of the Edon Village Council is at 7 p.m. on April 17.

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