Village Of Montpelier Council Covers Agenda Focused On Completing 2014 Projects

VR LOGO - WEBThe last regular meeting of the Montpelier Village Council, held on August 11, was called to order by Mayor Steve Yagelski with Council Members Nathan Thompson, Jim Rockey, Dan Willis, Delmar Karnes, and Laura Gray in attendance. Council Member Dan Clum was absent from the meeting.

Council moved into executive session upon the approval of the evening’s agenda. Upon return to open session Council went on to approve the minutes for the July 14 meeting as well as the June 2014 Financial Reports. Following those approvals, Councilman Willis inquired about the status on the renovations to be done at the fire station. It was noted that only work on the roof will be done this year and that work should be begin towards the end of August.

Pam Lucas also expressed her gratitude to the Montpelier and Bryan Fire Departments for allowing their ladder trucks to participate in holding the flag for the Welcome Home ceremonies held for the Vietnam Veterans at the Veterans Memorial Building. Also receiving thanks during the meeting was an unnamed person or entity who removed the couch from the roadway on East Main Street. The couch had been sitting at the location since the Bean Days/Balloon Fest. Laura Gray expressed her gratitude.

During the meeting, the Main Street Park committee recommended that Trick or Treat be held on Saturday, October 25 from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM. The recommendation was unanimously approved. Also approved was a motion rezone the property between the Montpelier Street Barn and First Federal Bank, the location where Family Dollar will be moving, to C-2 Full Commercial.

Lucas also presented a change order to council for the storage of the transformer needed for the Airport Substation Expansion Project. The cost for the storage is $8000.01. Kurt Roan explained that the contractors were delayed on their start dates so the transformer and switch gear pads are not quite ready. The concrete pads are being poured and will be complete soon. The Village needs to keep the transformer with the company due to liability issues and needing to use a crane in order to move it to a new pad. The transformer was ready more quickly than anticipated. Original quotes were for one year but it has only been nine months. A motion to approve the storage costs for the Airport Substation Transformer by SPX Transformer Solution was subsequently unanimously approved.

A second change order was also presented for the transportation and storage of Switchgear necessary for the Airport Substation Expansion Project. An inquiry was made as to is storing the equipment and Lucas advised council that the trucking company is currently storing the items. The storage for the equipment is also a timing issue with a crane being needed for removal and to place it on the new concrete pad. The recommendation to approve the change order for transportation and storage of Switchgear for the Airport Substation Expansion Project was also approved.

Also gaining approval was change Order #4 for R.G. Zachrich Construction, Inc., the final change order for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Headworks Screen Project. The change order is for a total decrease of $6536.51.
Lucas also explained that Tony Hoeffel has submitted a letter of recommendation to award the Basketball and Tennis Court Reconstruction Project to Gerken Paving, Inc. with a bid amount of $$124,000. The bid was the only bid received for the project, which had been opened up for bid a second time. The recommendation was approved. Lucas also noted that all of the departments involved have done a lot of work to get ready for the project and that she is proud of how well everyone has worked together. Quotes on new lighting are also be gathered and tile will be installed to help with drainage in that area.

The recommendation to award the 2014 Asphalt Paving Project to Gerken Paving was also approved. Council had received three bids on the project. While M&M Asphalt’s bid was approximately $170.00 lower than Gerken’s. However there were omissions found with the filing of the bid documents.

A motion to authorize the Director of Finance to enter into an agreement with First Federal Savings and Loan for a credit limit of $75,000, with individual cards having credit limits of $750 to $75,000, for Village Credit cards was also approved. All of the Village’s accounts were moved to First Federal last year and a new program will allow the Village to earn interest.

Resolution 1097, a resolution approving a transfer from the General Fund for current expenses of the Village of Montpelier, State of Ohio for the year ending December 31, 2014 was passed under emergency language. Luca explained that the resolution allows for the transference of money to pay the police pension and is a housekeeping article that has to be done three or four times a year.

Resolution 1098, a resolution to amend appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the Village of Montpelier, State of Ohio, during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014 also passed under emergency language, is also a standard housekeeping measure, and will allow the Director of Finance to move money from various funds into other funds.

Director of Finance Kelly Hephner also explained that she was authorized by Council in 2001 to take the left over private funds raised by the community for the Sesquicentennial Celebration and move them to the General Fund. Hephner expressed her belief that the funds should be moved to the 501(c)3 and earmarked for the next landmark celebration for the Village. By moving the money, a total of $1429.96, there will be a record of the amount, interest will be able to be earned, and Council will know what the money can be used for. The recommendation to transfer the funds as described was approved by Council.

Hephner also reported that income tax collection for July 2014 were up from both 2013 and 2012.

Lucas also noted two new employees within the Village. Collin Mercer was hired on June 23, 2014 by the Water/Sewer Maintenance Department and the Police Department has recently hired Kevin Krill.

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