Village of Montpelier Council Meeting Notes

By: Jennifer Manlove – THE VILLAGE REPORTER

The Village of Montpelier Council Meeting opened Monday evening in prayer led by Helena Morris. There was a full house as many community members were waiting to hear the discussion one of the ordinances to be addressed. The meeting began and agenda, minutes, and financial reports were all approved. Several members of the council audiences were high school senior government students and they were warmly welcomed by Mayor Yagelski and invited to ask questions throughout the meeting if needed.

Montpelier Police Chief Dan McGee and Officers of the Montpelier Police Department joined the meeting to discuss The Patch display and Honor Wall that is located inside the police department. The wall was dedicated during the meeting. This was made possible through the generosity and in loving memory of Charles and Norma Clymer. A nice plaque was present to Sgt. Jennifer Hern, as Mr. and Mrs. Clymer were her grandparents. Sgt. Hern was joined by her parents and significant other for this special event. The council and community members were invited to view the wall prior to the executive session.

The council moved on to accepted the resignation from Scott Warner from the Montpelier Fire Department. Mr. Warner has served on the department for more than fourteen years, and it was with regret that his resignation was accepted. Mr. Warner’s work demands have lessened his availability to serve and he will be greatly missed by the department and the community. Next, council was presented with motions to approve the appointment of both Hannah Seiler and Alex Yagelski to the Fire Department. Both were accepted. The Fire Department now has 30 firefighters serving.

Council had the third reading and passage of Ordinance 2159 concerning an increase in water rates and Ordinance 2160 concerning the increase of sewage rates. Ordinance 2159 amends certain sections of chapter 933, water. Of the Montpelier code which amendments provide for increases in service charges, special charges, and swimming pool and bulk water sales with a reduction for leaks as of January 1, 2014, July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2015.

Ordinance 2160 is an ordinance amending section 929.03 sewers, of the Montpelier code which amendments provide for increases in service charges as of November 1, 213 and July 1, 2014. Both ordinances became in full force and effective immediately upon their passages.

Ordinance 2161 was addressed in front of many concerned community members. This ordinance was to amend chapter 513 of the codified ordinances of the village of Montpelier, Ohio to include section 513.15 prohibiting the manufacture, sale, distribution and possession of synthetic drugs and synthetic lookalike substances. Several community members gave input as to why this needed to be passed, several with personal impact statements. A man also spoke up during this time stating that he was the owner of S&M in Montpelier. S&M is a local business that has faced scrutiny for selling the synthetic drugs. The man said that his store does not sell to minors and that he took no responsibility for what consumers do with the products that he sells. He stated that he has video surveillance set up to ensure that no minors come into his store. He directed those present to put their efforts into addressing the fighting that occurs as a result of having a bar in the town. He asked that he be informed as soon as possible if he would need to remove the substances from his store, and that he had no issues complying. He left the meeting stating that it is an individual’s decision to misuse flame retardant products, and that he personally uses the products as a “potpourri”. The council members suspended the three reading rule and passed the ordinance unanimously. The decision was received well by the community members present. For anyone who would like to read this new ordinance in its entirety that can see this at the Village of Montpelier’s Website. The webpage has a link to council meeting agenda, with a link to new ordinances.

Council met in executive session, with no action taken.

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