Village & York Township To Meet To Discuss Fire Contracts

By: Bill O’Connell

It took the Delta Village Council just sixteen minutes to conduct business during their August 2 meeting. Council members passed the first reading of two resolutions for the renewal of Village fire levies. Both resolutions are to have the Fulton County Auditor certify the amount of revenue to be generated by the two .5 mil levies.
The Village and York Township are still working to reach an agreement on the formula used to determine the percentage of financial responsibility for each. If the Village’s responsibility is lowered the new levies would not be required.
Mayor Dan Miller is attempting to keep the lines of communication open between the Village and York Township regarding the fire contracts. To that end he asked the Council for a motion to schedule a meeting on August 29 between the two government entities to work out a solution. The motion passed unanimously.
Employee retention in the Water Department continues to be an issue as another resignation was recently submitted. Interviews that were currently under way to fill one vacancy will be used to fill the new vacancy.
A water line located south of Delta on State Route 109 was inadvertently damaged by the Ohio Department of Transportation while working on a storm drain. While attempting to turn off the water, a rusty bolt on the shut-off valve was broken. It was discovered the bolt was made of a standard steel material instead of stainless steel. The Village will be looking into possibly replacing all water line valves with more durable material and all valve bolts made with stainless steel.
The next meeting will be August 16 at 7:00 PM.

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