Vintage Medicine Road Show To Be Held At Stryker Library

Step back in time with the “Black Swamp Medicine Girls” Susan Wiesehan and Jeanne Caryer at the Stryker Branch Library. Enjoy a show like you have never seen before on Tuesday, July 26 at 6:00 pm with the Medicine Girls.

Explore the history of vintage medicine bottles and treatments for such ailments as consumption, quincy, lumbago, rheumatism, bad breath and gout. Learn about the old medicine show sales pitches and how one-half dollar could buy you a treatment that could cure everything from baldness to curvature of the spine. Medicine shows were popular between the 1850”s through the 1930”s and traveling groups put on performances peddling their miracle cures, elixirs, and devices guaranteed to improve your health.

The Black Swamp Medicine Girls will thrill you with a Violet Ray treatment and will demonstrate other examples of antique medical devices. Displays of many vintage bottles and advertising will be exhibited. Follow the girls as they guide you through treatments of a variety of illnesses and the medical history of vintage pharmacy items.

Please register for this program by stopping by the Stryker Branch Library, located at 304 South Defiance Street, or by calling Connie Aeschliman at 419-682-5081.


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