Violence, An American Way Of Life?



This is what many observers of American society have come to believe – right or wrong. When one looks at the statistics on gun deaths in the United States, we lead the industrialized world – more gun deaths among children than any industrialized nation – not statistics to be proud of.

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What, if anything, can be done to curb this epidemic? Some advocate more guns, others advocate various types of gun controls, bans, and strict licensing procedures on all firearms and ammunition.

So as the debate continues, school shootings have created apprehension among parents and school personnel. Each individual American has an opinion on this issue and they vary across the board.

I spent a tour in the Marine Corps. I am familiar with military assault weapons. These weapons were specifically designed to kill – to kill effectively – and to kill in mass. They were not designed for sport; oh by the way, I grew up on a farm where hunting was a big part of my growing up. Pheasant season saw me out along the fence rows with my Irish Setter and were some of the most memorable times of my youth. I’ve hunted birds in the Dakotas and Black Bear in Canada. I believe in gun ownership.

But when in charge of hundreds of children; when gun deaths by accident or intentional are out of control, one wonders about why military assault weapons need to be in the public?

There is no getting around discussing the issue after what happened in Newtown – it will be hotly and emotionally debated. I sure hope our legislators put their political ideology aside when addressing this issue. Maybe nothing will be done, or can be done, but at least they owe us their attempt to try.

Dr. Bob Smith, Supt.
Millcreek-West Unity LSD[/emember_protected]

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