Voices From The Past Among Discussions at Montpelier Village Council Meeting


The regular meeting of the Village of Montpelier Council opened with a compliment on September 23, 2013. Resident Laura Gray said that the building that once was the home of long-closed restaurant Howe’s was looking “a thousand times better.” The property and entrance to the former business had been overgrown with weeds, and residents had been complaining. Though she didn’t know who had cleaned the property, she was grateful that it was looking so much better.

Joining Gray in the audience was Senior Government student Brandon Schlosser and Bill Midtgard. Mr. Midtgard owns an investment business and has purchased homes in Montpelier to fix up and rent to lower-income residents. He recently completed renovation on a home on the corner of Jefferson and Pleasant Streets, and asked council what could be done to “clean up” the yard of a neighboring property. Ordinances are in place to address junk cars, such as cars with flat tires that are sitting in yards, but did not forbid other items such as boats. He said that the neighbor has been cooperative.

Kurt Roan, Supervisor of Administrative Services, said that paving had been completed on Charlie’s Way and Washington Streets. He also wanted to remind citizens of the fall junk drop-off at the village barns. This will take place on Saturday, October 5 and Saturday, October 12 from 8:00 a.m until 1:00 p.m. both days. Senior citizens who are unable to transport items to the site should call the village office about getting help.

Pam Lucas, Village Manager, congratulated the Parks and Recreation Department and those who presented monologues during the recent “Voices from the Past” event. She said that they did a “wonderful job.”

Mayor Steve Yagleski distributed a flyer on the Montpelier Community of Faith, a newly-formed organization which seeks to provide positive role models and to provide school safety character building, and academic assistance both in the schools and in the community. Their next volunteer/community meeting will be on Thursday, October 10th, and those interested in being a part may contact Chris Kannel at 419-551-4783.

Council approved Change Order #1 for the 2013 Street Reconstruction and Resurfacing Project on Charlie’s Way and East Washington Street. This was to cover extra expenses of $10,902 for work that was required on the project.

Also passed were Resolutions 1061, 1062, and 1063, authorizing the Village Manager to advertise for bids and contracts on items for the Airport Substation Expansion Project. These items are: a power transformer, four power circuit breakers, and a control house with 15kV metal-clad switchgear. Rules were suspended so that the resolution could go into effect immediately.

Council also heard the second reading of Ordinances 2159 and 2160, which address the increase in water and sewer rates, which will go into effect after the third reading and a vote approving the ordinances. Council viewed a list of other miscellaneous fees such as the cost for re-connecting service, damaged meters and thawing frozen meters. Customers wishing for further information will be able to read it as it is posted in the village office.

Council met in executive session to discuss the possible sale of property. No action was taken.

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