Walking The Halls At Fayette

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As I walk the hallways at Fayette, I am reminded of my days growing up in a small town and attending a small school where I was made to feel I could do great things in this world and make my family, my school, and my community proud. I was blessed with teachers who cared about students, community members who took great pride in providing a thriving vibrant community to live in, and parents who set clear and firm expectations in how I represented my family, my church, and my community. I learned from an early age that service to others is more important than to serving yourself and that young eyes were always watching you.

What I see at Fayette brings back those same feelings in a community that made me who I am today. As I walk through the halls, stand outside greeting students and parents, attending extracurricular events I see that a firm handshake and looking a person in the eyes still means something. Where a simple smile and a compliment are appreciated and reciprocated. I see students and adults alike that treat others with dignity and class and look to serve others beyond themselves. I see a community that becomes stronger and closer through adversity. I see a community and school that faith plays an important role in defining who we are.

Fayette is proud to say we value each and every one of our students, parents, and community members alike. Fayette is a place where we are not afraid to express our faith through being the only school in Fulton County that has 80 elementary students that attend Church Release every month in partnership with the Fayette Ministerial Association. Where we establish Christmas traditions of allowing students to attend a community Christmas program at our local churches similar to the experiences I had as a child.

At some point each and every one of us must be defined by our actions. The actions that I see as I walk the halls at Fayette are those of genuine caring for others, the development of the whole person, and the selflessness that allows us to serve others ahead of ourselves. I see a school where we are not afraid to serve and develop well rounded students who will leave our halls and do great things in this world one action at a time. I see a school that is proud of our past and excited for our future.

Call me old fashioned but the characteristics I see walking the halls at Fayette are the same characteristics that have made this country great. We are proud of who we are, what we do and how we serve. Walking the halls at Fayette reaffirms the belief that there are good things going on this world and that our heritage and roots are alive in Fayette Ohio.


Proud To Be An Eagle


Erik Belcher, Superintendent

Fayette Local School


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