Wauseon Board of Education Recognizes Eugene Stimson For Outstanding Performance

VR LOGO - WEBThe Wauseon Board of Education opened their regular meeting on September 8 by recognizing Eugene Stimson for his outstanding performance on the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test). Eugene was one of only 2 students in Fulton County to score an Advanced Score on the March 2014 Ohio Graduation Test in the area of Writing. Only 431 (0.3%) of the 128,181 Ohio Sophomores scored at that level on the writing test. Eugene went on to score Advanced in all five areas of the test.

In financial matters the board accepted, with gratitude, donations of 250 miscut keys from Ace Hardware to the WHS Art Department, 18 – 12” ceramic tiles from Becky Rupp to the WHS Art Department, an Armstrong Flute from Lyn Moxim to the WHS Music Department, and Girls Tennis Uniforms valued at $1725.05 from the Wauseon Athletic Boosters to the WHS Athletic Department.

Additionally, the board approved creation of an Insurance Protection Fund for Student Laptops that was established for the purpose of repair and replacement of computers purchased for the 1:1 Imitative. “Then and Now” certificates were also approved for invoices from Northwest Veterinary Hospital, Larry Brown, Carter Lumber, Concept Printing, Scholastic Classroom, and Johnson Controls.

The board also approved several personnel items, which included:

~The acceptance of the resignations of Tanya Schutt as a WPS Cook, effective August 13, 2014,and Kelly Waldron as a Secretarial Aid, effective September 12, 2014.

~Hope Hodges, Abby Mouch, Mary Norman, and Janet Wyse as Title 1 Substitute Tutors for the 2014-15 school year.

~One year limited non-athletic supplemental contracts as Teacher Mentors for Tammy Ankney, Joy Hutchison, and Julie Wilhelm.

~Samantha Sherman and Rachel Smith as Classified Substitutes for the 2014-15 school year.

~A one-year limited classified contract to Jenny Tester as a WMS 2 hour cook for the 2014-15 school year.

~Katelyn Britenriker as a Volunteer High School Volleyball Coach for the 2014-15 school year, pending receipt of both a clean BCI/FBI background check and Pupil Activity Permit.

~A parental leave request from Sara Brown, effective November 10, 2014 through February 16, 2015.

Additionally the board also authorized the Superintendent to enter into a contract in the areas of technology including PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, PowerSchool/Power Teacher training with Lyn Moxim, effective August 1, 2014.

The 2014-15 agreement between Wauseon Exempted Village Schools and the Wood County Juvenile Detention/Residential Center of Northwest Ohio at $64 per student per day for JDC and JRC and $45 per student per day for ALC was also approved.

In reports from the building principals, the board learned:

~All Kindergarten students will be administered the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) prior to November 1. The assessment has 6 components including social skills (social and emotional development as well as approaches towards learning), mathematics, science, social studies, language and literacy, and physical well-being and motor skills.

~Chromebooks have been distributed. Both teachers and students are learning how to use the devices and Curt Crew has provided both groups classes as well has offered to help individual teachers with instruction.

~Several teachers have recently completed professional development items, including STAR Reading and Math basics, PublicSchool Works, eTPES Self-Assessment and Professional Growth Plan, SLO work, and teacher website improvement.

~A new student recognition program is in place at the Middle School. In partnership with Wauseon Machine, the school is honoring a student of the week. Students are nominated each week by their teachers. The spirit of the program is to reward a wide variety of students, some of whom may not otherwise receive recognition.

Upcoming events and dates for students and parents to mark on their calendars include:

~Progress Reports are scheduled for October 1. Hard copies of the reports will no longer be sent. However, a PowerAnnouncement will be sent to remind parents to view the reports through PowerSchool.

~Teacher Inservice on October 3.

~3rd Graders will be attending Ag-Fest at the Fulton County Fairgrounds on September 23 as well as will be participating in Food Across America (date to be announced).

~The Wauseon at Delta game has been selected by 13abc as the week seven “Pass it on Challenge Game of the Week”. Goodwill parks a donation trailer at each school to collect donations from parents, students, staff, and community members the week of the game, Monday, 10/6/14 – Thursday, 10/9/14. On Thursday evening the trailers are removed and brought back to Goodwill to verify the weights collected. The winner receives a $500 check to be used at the schools discretion.

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