Wauseon City Council Gets Updates On Cable Channel

The conversion of INTV from a DVD system to a file-based system was discussed at the Wauseon City Council meeting Dec. 19.

Mike Prior updated council on what INTV did in 2016.

The station bought a new piece of equipment that allowed them to go from a DVD system to a file based system. This equipment enabled it to work more efficiently and provide better quality, Prior said.

Another purchase was new cameras and computers for the students.

“Next year we hope to buy equipment that will allow us to do instant replay,” Prior said. “The equipment we now have is 15 years old.

“The new system is portable and we can take it to away games. The estimated cost is around $7,000-$12,000 depending on all the options.

Mayor Huner thanked INTV for filming the parades, Chili Fest, school vents, etc.

INTV maintains all is sponsor from past years and it tries to get new ones every year.

“Everything we do is non-profit and we are tax deductible,” Prior said.

Mayor Huner asked when the cable changed the channel system did that make a difference with viewership.

Anyone with a digital box with HDTV will get it on Channel 5 but the older TVs programming is at 14-105, 96-105, Prior said.

“We are trying to work with them to get us back on channel 5,” Prior said. “We are trying to maintain an on-line presence as well through our website or Facebook.”

Rich Kilgour, 911 Coordinator, and Sheriff Roy Miller spoke to council about the Ohio Development Services Local Government Safety Capital Grant.

This is the second round of applying for this grant, Kilgour said.

“We learned from the first round is that we need participation from each political division to compete for the $100,000 of grant money,” Kilgour said. The grant is to go toward a backup facility.

Four political subdivisions are going to apply for this grant (Wauseon, Clinton , Dover and Swan Creek townships.

The total cost of the project is $468,893.27. The county will put in the 10 percent match for the grant.

“We are looking for your support,” Miller said.

Councilor Chamberlin moved and seconded by Councilor Scott Stiriz to authorize the Mayor to sign a letter of support to the Fulton County Sheriff’s office for their pursuit of the grant application.

The Tree Commission is trying to obtain an Elm Street tree seedling from a tree that survived the Oklahoma bombing. They give out a certain number of them in the spring.

Walt Lange donated six Chestnut trees and they were planted at North Park. Chestnut trees were wiped out in the 1930s from a Chestnut blight.

The Tree City Application was submitted.

The Finance Committee met Dec. 14 to go over budgetary items.

The committee first met with Fire Chief Rick Sluder because it had not had a chance to go over his capital budget request at the previous meeting.

Sluder explained the need for building improvements and also the training room upgrades. This already met the approval of Mayor Huner.

The committee went over the other capital items and took in consideration the mayor’s recommendations.

The committee did not make any monetary changes to the budget. The committee is recommending the budget be passed as presented.

The Safety and Code Committee met Dec. 15 to discuss the new state law that went into effect Jan. 1 affecting the operation of utility vehicles, low-speed vehicles, under-speed vehicles and mini-trucks.

Tom McWatters said the legislation is proposed under first reading (Ordinance 2016-16). He summarized the proposal legislation and the requirements in regards to inspection, registration and titling, and licensing, etc.

Police Chief Keith Torbet said his concern about the proposed legislation is that he would like to see that a driver’s license is required for all the vehicles. The proposal presented tonight only includes the 16-year age requirement. McWatters said only a low-speed vehicle requires a driver’s license according to the state statute.

The recommendation was not to include a heightened requirement which would require a driver’s license for the other vehicles which the state statue doesn’t require.

Councilor President Stiriz asked about the city requirement about a driver’s license. Jamie Giguere said full-time and part-time employees are required to have a driver’s license through our classification plan. He also asked about concession stand workers. Giguere said they are not city employees, they are Parks and Recreation employees.

Tim Dennis asked if the departments could do what the city is already doing. The city us using its vehicles as construction vehicles, pushing snow, spreading salt, and hauling shrubs, moving our grass cuttings to one place to another.

Councilor Chamberlin stated he would prefer to table this and discuss further at a committee meeting.

Council approved the first reading 5-1.

Department Reports
Fire Chief Sluder reported he sent out a press release for home safety on the holidays. It is also on the website.

He also presented a joint press release with the police department. They departments have received complaints about phone calls to residents from national organizations for fundraising. They are legitimate organizations but those funds don’t go to local fire or police departments, Sluder said.

Chief Torbet reported the next “Use of Force” class is being planned for next year. As soon as the dates are set it will be on the city’s website and Facebook page. Also with cold weather, Tobert urged residents make sure to take their pets inside and be very careful driving on the streets.

McWatters reported he explained to the employees the new evaluation system, compensation and classification plan that will become effective the first of the year. He is also working with Sluder on the fire contract for Dover Township.

Councilor Chamberlin asked is there a way an employee would know that a complaint was added to their personnel file from an outside source. McWatters said that he doesn’t know of a formal procedure, but he would think that it would be brought to the employee’s attention.

McWatters explained the motion for Housing Official position that is later in the meeting and Steve Brown would be listed as that official.

Brown will be processing the tax abatement applications.

An agreement with Brown to act as the City’s Housing Official passed 5-1 (Chamberlin).

Colt Ward, NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Team Champion – Cleveland Browns

Nel Rodriguez, recreation superintendent, introduced Colt Ward, who finished first at Wauseon in the boys 6 and 7 age group for the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick championship.

Ward then competed in the sectional competition in Archbold and placed first there. From there he went to the Team Championship competition held at the Cleveland Browns practice facility and placed first.

Ward ranks second in his age group and qualifies for the NFL Championship to be held in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 27 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

“We here at the Wauseon Recreation are very proud of him and we wish him all the luck in the world,” Rodriguez said.

Mayor Huner and council congratulated Ward on his achievements and wished him good luck.

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