Wauseon City Council Hears From Sara’s Garden About Possible New Play Ground

The May 19 meeting of the Wauseon City Council was called to order at 5:00 pm by Mayor Doug Shaw with Council President Heather Kost and Councilors Kathy Huner, Shane Chamberling, Fred Allen, Rick Frey, and Don Mathews all present for roll. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence, roll call, and the approval of the prior meeting’s minutes, council moved forward to hear from those wishing to address Council.

Kevin Stamm from Sara’s Garden reviewed with Council a plan to construct a handicap inclusive assessable playground at Sara’s Garden.  The playground would be unique in Northwest Ohio and would be open to the public.  Because they receive no state funding, Sara’s Garden will be raising all of the funds for the project through fund raising events and with the help of the Wauseon Fire Department and Don’s Automotive.  Regional Planning Director David Wright has also been working with Stamm on possibly obtaining Revolving Loan Funds and other grant monies that may be available.  Councilor Huner inquired about whether or not the project will be following State Codes and suggested that those involved review all of the codes and rules, noting that Sara’s Garden may not be able to have the playground open to the public during school hours.

Michele Ryder of ARS Refuse Service also updated council on the new tagging program.  Ryder submitted photos of how people are putting out their trash for council’s review and also noted that ARS has received a multitude of phone calls regarding the tags.  Ryder went on to explain that ARS is only abiding by the law that have always been in place and are not changing anything.  While the appearance of the refuse tags has changed, the price has not and ARS will continue to take the old tags as long they tagged properly on each bag.

Moving on to hear committee reports, Council first heard from Councilor Shane Chamberlin in representation of the Street Committee.  Chamberlin noted that the committee had met on May 5 regarding sidewalk projects and that the committee was recommending the installation of sidewalks on the east side of Lawrence Avenue.  Council approved the recommendation to install new side walks on the east side of Lawrence Avenue from south of the Fairway Lane intersection to Homecoming Park.

Chamberlin also spoke on behalf of the Park Board, which had met on May 12.  The Board has had a request from Kim Reed to use the Reighard Park Potawatomie Shelter House at no charge for a 10 week meal program for low income families.  Reed agreed that if someone wanted to rent the shelter house that she would move to a different location for that day.  The recommendation to allow Northwestern Ohio Community Action to use the shelter house for 10 weeks beginning June 9 and running through August 14, from 10 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday, at no charge was approved.

Moving on to hear Department Head Reports, Council first heard from Regional Planning Director David Wright, who gave an update on the CDBG grant application.  Wright has sent out surveys to the downtown owners and has received responses from several interested participants.  Wright has also requested support letters from Council and the Wauseon Chamber of Commerce as the CDBG grant is very competitive and several other communities will also be applying.

Mayor Shaw congratulated Fire Chief Rick Sluder on graduation from Bowling Green State University and receiving his Fire Administration Degree.  Sluder also noted that the department has had 6 fire personnel attend the Bowling Green State Fire School.  Police Chief Keith Torbet also noted that the Police Department and the Fire Department have been working together on cross training as both departments have several new employees.  He also noted that the department is still taking applications for the Youth Police Academy for ages 14-18

Director of Finance Jamie Giguere reported that the Income Tax Revenue is down 4% for the year to date but that not all of the revenue has been reported from April and that the revenue should be back up next month.

Director of Public Service Dennis Richardson reported that he had been working on the structured interviews for the laborer position in the Public Works Department.  Initially there had been 18 applicants but one dropped out.  The department will be working on the scoring as well as be meeting with the Civil Service Commission soon to certify the list.  Richardson also noted that the Water Reclamation Plant project regarding the secondary digester cover was awarded to Moser Construction, who also did a previous project at the plant.

In legislative matters, Mayor Shaw read by title Resolution 2014-8, Amend Ordinance 2013-12 Annual Appropriation Ordinance by Authorizing the Director of Finance to Increase or Decrease Certain Line Account Appropriations within the Various Funds Listed within the Year of 2014.  The Resolution passed and is now in effect.

Ordinance 2014-4, Amending Section 1301.08 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Wauseon, which will require contractors to hold state licenses, passed on second reading.  Also passing on second reading was resolution 2014-6, Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into a Mutual Police Aide Agreement for Emergency Police Services with Surrounding Municipal Corporations.

Resolution 2014-7, Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into a Farm Lease for Harvesting of Trees, passed on second reading and under emergency language and is now in effect.  Resolution 2014-5, Authorizing the Mayor to Accept the Conveyance by Brenner Properties, LLP of a4.091 Acre Parcel Located at the Southeast Corner of the Arrowhead Trails, passed on third reading and will be in effect on June 18, 2014.

In new business regarding city participation in the Downtown Revitalization Program, Council President Heather Kost moved and was seconded by Councilor Fred Allen to authorize the Director of Finance to reallocate $15,514 from the Capital Income Tax account entitled Transfer Out to the Capital Income Tax account entitled Downtown Development.  The motion passed unanimously.


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