Wauseon City Council Hears Updates On Improvement Projects

This April 18 meeting of the Wauseon City Council was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Mayor Huner. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence, roll was called by the Clerk of Council. Present was Council President Stiriz, Councilors Kost, Schamp, Chamberlin, S. Stiriz and Frey to constitute a quorum for the transaction of City business.

Councilor Chamberlin moved and seconded by Councilor Kost to approve the previous meetings’ minutes.

Committee reports heard by council included:

Park Board – April 12, 2016
Councilor S. Stiriz reported that Dave Murry obtained a quote from Bruce Ernst Asphalt Inc. for cold process paving at Biddle Park. The quote was broken out by sections shown on a map of the park. The Park Board discussed which sections to do first. They won’t be able to do it until the temperature stays above 50 degrees, which also happens to be the same time as the start of ball season. However, the application doesn’t take long to settle and it could possibly be done over a weekend. With this process, it is possible to cover 5-1/2 times more space then blacktop.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting council had talked about parking bumpers and painting lines so people can park in the right spot. It would be an added expense. Councilor Frey said he talked to Dave Murry, who said he had some bumpers in stock at Public Works but he was going to check on the price.

There are no new updates on the pool other than taking the trees that were behind the pool house and replanting them in different places in the park.

Mayor Huner asked for clarification on recommendation as per Park Board minutes. Councilor Schamp replied council is only recommending to accept the quote from Bruce Ernst for the cold process application at Biddle Park.

Councilor Chamberlin moved and seconded by Councilor Schamp to accept the recommendation of the Park Board for doing a cold process versus blacktop at Biddle Park. The matter was unanimously approved.

Tree Commission – April 13, 2016
Councilor Frey reported that Tom Savage gave his resignation from the Tree Commission because he is changing jobs. The Tree Commission will be attending the Tree City Awards on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. The Tree Commission discussed the plans for Arbor Day. The Tree Commission discussed the Tree Commission policy that Kim Bowles had worked on for her Tree Commission Academy. They are still reviewing penalties for tree vandalism. After the meeting they went and planted a couples trees at Homecoming Park and Biddle Park.

In Departmental Reports, council heard from:

David Wright, Regional Planning Director
Mr. Wright gave an update on the Downtown Revitalization grant. The deadline for the grant is August 31, 2016. He said he is waiting for the estimate for the ADA ramp project. Mr. Wright also gave an update on the $200,000 Targets for Opportunity grant for the library. This is a new program. He explained the renovations the library will be doing. The library has until September 30, 2017 to accomplish the phase of the project that is covered by the grant.

Keith Torbet, Police Chief
Chief Torbet gave updates on the grants that he is working on. One of the grants is for cameras and the city is still working on the installation of those. The Safety City is well under way and we already have 50 children signed up for the program.
The Youth Police Academy will be the second week in June and applications are out.
Chief Torbet also would like citizens to remember to watch out for children now that the temperatures are warmer as well as reminded everyone that Linfoot Street is one way from Ottokee Street east to Shoop Avenue.

Tom Hall, Code Administrator
Mr. Hall reported that Sara’s Garden has begun their building addition and have started digging footers. Also the frame is up for the new doctor’s office on Shoop Avenue. A reminder to residents that grass mowing season has begun. If the city has to do it, there will be a charge.

Dennis Richardson, Director of Public Service
Mr. Richardson reported that the contractor has begun working on the road bed on the Linfoot St. project. Public Works department is also working with Sara’s Garden on upgrading their water service.

Jamie L. Giguere, Director of Finance
Mrs. Giguere reported that she prepared a resolution that was presented under first reading for a budget amendment.

Thomas A. McWatters III, Director of Law
Mr. McWatters reported he is working on the annexation for the bike trails and it is now in the process of getting legal descriptions prepared. He also reported on the status of the Sterlina loan through the Revolving Loan Fund and that an offer of settlement has been received.

In legislative matters, there was a first reading by title of Resolution 2016-5 – (Amend Ordinance 2015-16 Annual Appropriation Ordinance by Authorizing the Director of Finance to Increase or Decrease Certain Line Account Appropriations within the Various Funds Listed within the Year of 2016). Councilor Schamp moved and seconded by Councilor Kost to pass Resolution 2016-5. The first reading gained unanimous approval.

In second readings, Mayor Huner read aloud by title Chapter 523 – Smoking in Workplace and Public Places; Ordinance 2016-5 – (Amending Section 523.03 (m) of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Wauseon) to add a definition of electronic cigarettes and other electronic products or devises that produce a vapor. Councilor S. Stiriz moved and seconded by Council President Stiriz to place Ordinance 2016-5 on second reading and that the second reading be passed. The ordinance was unanimously approved.

Councilor Frey moved and seconded by Councilor Schamp to approve and pay the bills as presented and there being no further business to come before council, Mayor Huner asked for a motion to adjourn. Council President Stiriz moved and seconded by Councilor Kost to adjourn this meeting at 5:30 p.m.

The next meeting of the Wauseon City Council will be held on Monday 2 at 5:00 PM in council chambers.


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