Wauseon Council Approves Assistance With New Wrestling Building; Prepares To Issue Surveys Regarding New Pool

VR LOGO - WEBMembers of the Wauseon City Council unanimously agreed to assist the Wauseon Athletic Boosters with the cost of putting in sanitary as well as sewer and water lines up to the new wrestling building that the Boosters are preparing to build behind the school. The decision came after Councilor Kathy Huner reported on behalf of the Utility Committee during the regular meeting of the Wauseon City Council held on September 15.

Thus far, Huner explained, the Boosters have been paying for everything through donated funds and in-kind work. She also explained that sewer line will need to be bored under the street and summarized how the responsibilities of the lines will be split between the Boosters and the City.

The Boosters will be responsible for the 2” water meter, RPZ backflow prevention device, cost associated with boring the sanitary sewer line underneath Oak Street, the furnishing and installing of a 2” water line from the building to the curb stop, and a 6” sanitary sewer line from the building. The City will provide a 2” water tap as well as furnish and install a 6” sanitary sewer from the pump station. The city will also inspect all work and labor.

Upon approving the assistance to the Boosters, Councilor Huner stated that, although they were unable to provide the Boosters with everything they asked for, that she was glad that the City was going to be able to do something to give back to the schools.

Councilor Shane Chamberlin also reported to Council on behalf of the Park Board and noted that the Park Board has received a request for the placement of a memorial bench in memory of Don Mathews at Biddle Park. A preliminary proof of the bench was sent to the Mathew’s family and the Board is awaiting approval. Chamberlin also reported that the new containers for Biddle Park are in and will be installed in the spring as well as that the Rotary Auction proceeds will go towards completing the diamonds at Biddle Park.

Chamberlin also noted that the Park Board had asked about the issue involving the new pool and that he explained that council will be sending out a survey to the public to try to determine whether the public favors Biddle or Reighard Park as the location for the new pool.

Council President Heather Kost further explained that the survey will be put in the water bills that are sent out at the end of September as well as posted on the City’s website. It is estimated that close to 3000 of the surveys will go in the water bills. However, because some renters do not receive such bills from the City, the survey will also be placed on the website to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote.

Councilor Chamberlin inquired as to whether or not it was going to be possible to keep people from submitting more than one vote. Kost explained that the best Council could do was ask that people only vote one time each and hope that the residents of Wauseon respect that. It was later determined, however, that it might be possible to state only votes containing a name and address will be considered.

The surveys will provide important information regarding the construction of the pool as construction costs will be contingent upon what site the pool is built at. It has been previously determined that to build the pool at Reighard Park would probably provide a cost savings because the there is an existing pool house as well parking. However, it was also noted that Biddle Park has its own advantages.

In order to help residents in their voting on where they would like the pool to be placed, graphics depicting the layout of the pool at each location will be provided on the survey.

In reports from the various department heads, council:

~Learned that David Wright, Regional Planning Director, has sent out letters to downtown businesses regarding the Downtown Revitalization Grant. $270,000 will be allocated for the downtown business owners to upgrade structures. The remaining $30,000 of the $300,000 grant has been set aside for administrative services and ADA improvements.

~Was reminded by Police Chief Keith Torbet that Drug Take Back Day will be September 27 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. There will be drop-off locations at Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart as well as at the Police Department.

~Was informed that Code Administrator Tom Hall had been contacted by the Health Department regarding a code violation involving numerous cats and that Hall has been working on that as well as two garages in the back of 444 Cedar Street.

~Heard that Director of Public Service Dennis Richardson has been working on the new Dollar General Store for the storm water design at their new location. Richardson also informed council that water painting project is complete except for some yard restoration.

~Heard a report from Council President Heather Kost that was given on behalf of Fire Chief Ric Sluder, who was absent from the meeting. It was reported that the Fire Department has continued to see a rise in calls. The department, which had been averaging 80-90 calls per month over the last few months has seen an increase to over 120 calls a month and had responded to 70 calls already in September at the time the report was given.

In legislative matters council approved on second reading, by title, Resolutions 2014-14 and Resolution 2014-17. Resolution 2014-14 is the resolution providing a $75,000 grant to Sara’s Garden to be used towards the construction of their new playground. Resolution 2014-17 provides for mutual aid services between the City of Wauseon and the Village of Whitehouse.

The next meeting of the Wauseon City Council will be held at 5:00 PM on October 6 in Council Chambers.

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