Wauseon Handles Napoleon In Sectional First Round

(March 3rd, 2015) – SYLVANIA: The postseason, regardless of sport, is about passion and pride, with each team playing at their best to ensure their seniors will get to play another day. That’s why Wauseon’s complete and total dominance over Napoleon was so impressive.

The Indians easily defeated the Wildcats of Henry County 62-35.

The first period was all Wauseon. The Indian boys didn’t allow their counterparts from Napoleon to score a single point in the quarter. Meanwhile, their own offense experienced a renaissance, producing 17 points in that span. While the Wildcat boys were able to get on the scoreboard in the second frame, Wauseon didn’t let up offensively in the least. The boys from Fulton County outscored their opponent 19-9 just before the half. Controlling the contest throughout the first two periods, Wauseon jogged to the locker room enjoying a substantial 27 point advantage, thanks to a 36-9 margin.

Napoleon got things going offensively in the second half, but they just couldn’t slow down the powerful scoring ability of the Wauseon boys. Putting up 13 points of their own, the Wildcats failed to make up any ground due to their defense giving up 18 points to the North Western Ohio Athletic League team. The Indians were finally topped in scoring during the fourth and final frame, as they found themselves on the wrong end of a 13-8 run. That wasn’t nearly enough for Napoleon to mount a comeback however, as Wauseon held on to their 27 point lead through the game’s final buzzer.

The Wauseon boys were led by senior Jacob Newlove. With great versatility, the guard put up 16 points in the victory, including a pair of threes. Teammate Carter Bzovi also connected on 2 of his 5 triples on his way to 15 points. Zac Robinson, another senior for the Indians, hit a couple of shots from beyond the arc as well, helping him to reach 10 points in the win.

Perhaps the most vital player to Wauseon was senior Noah Castle. At 6’5”, the Indian big man controlled the boards and the paint. Earning 13 points against the Wildcats, he also pulled down 13 rebounds, giving him a double-double.

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